Some greek to go with the site branding

“As a student of philosophy, he was coarse and heedless in appearance, and his clothing was squalid”

-Philostratus, from the @sentantiq twitter account

and here’s something you don’t see every day on menus (found it yesterday while thinking about dinner):

If you don’t know what Cordyceps Militaris is, GOOD. That means you can ignore the next three sentences if you want to. It’s a fungus that grows on living, and then dead, insects. SHUDDER AND HURL. I am a very white person and I think there are a lot of perfectly edible things I can’t eat because I have culturally enabled squeamishness.

I found a new font called Truefesse yesterday (fesse meaning bum in french) and so I made this (Amelia script, also know as the Live, Love, Laugh font, is the handwriting font):

and here’s a list of Russian media outlets that died this past week per Alexey @ Meduza:

Gary Kasparov in 2014:



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