Heard from Tammy

lovely Chag Sameach call from Tammy, we talked for ages and really caught up. I am so glad that she and her family are all doing well, and that she has a trip planned for July (but to where, she can’t say).  She may or may not be back here for Christmas. Work for her as a therapist is still disturbingly busy and she’s currently caught up in the multinational maelstrom known as the Toronto real estate market, but if the winds are propitious all will be well.

Three kudos overnight (appear to have collected a new serial reader LOL with a super cute user name), 9973 words on “Totally Boned” – the working title for my little romantic thriller, wordle in five, and I ran the dishwasher and washed and dried two loads of laundry yesterday (also cleaned out the laundry room sink and tidied the kitchen).

Jeff made a Timmy Ho’s run and there were NO HONEY GLAZED!  INTERNAL WAILING well go at 8:30 am and that’s what happens. He got croissants and raised chocolate donuts instead. I’ve started an old-fashioned craving too, they are good and not super sweet.

Left a message for Mike.

Getting into Raised by Wolves! Like a lot. What a weird disturbing show.  Finished (I think this is my third time through) Elementary. I think we’ll probably go back and watch the whole thing again, forever, on repeat. It’s the most nearly perfect network TV show ever, and, unlike POI, doesn’t bloodily kill the lesbian character just as she’s about to be happy and represents an appropriate platonic friendship without being bloodless or sappy about it.

We should probably go back to watching ER, it’s nice and LONG.

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