sleep is plentiful

slept literally 7.5 hours last night; I should feel like I can lick my weight in wild bunnies or something. As it is, I have risen, made tea, made coffee, skritched Buster and fetched him some treats, and now I contemplate the morning.

Three incredibly loud bangs of thunder in the late afternoon yesterday.

Two different people read the chicken story last night; I have to wonder if one of them messaged the other and said YOU HAVE TO READ THIS, IT’S ABOUT DEAN, AND CHICKENS or whether it was just one of those magical coincidences. So, two kudos last night and 9375 words so far.

Watched a bit more of Story of Yinxi Palace (our heroine has now met the Empress, who is amused and impressed by her rhetoric and smarts.)

Took Jeff out for breakfast yesterday and now I’m eating my leftovers and drinking coffee. Jeff got sammies from Big Star for supper; half of mine is still in the fridge downstairs. They are very good! Very highly recommended.

Paul tried to coax me out of the house for a walk but I just jellied. As in, turned into a jellyfish incapable of outside perambulation.

Okay, time to get up, prep a week of drugs for the pill holder, (I’m changing what time of day I take a BP med and reducing the dose so this should be innarestin’) and maybe write a few words on some subject or other. The shootyness I was referring to will happen off the page – but it will impact Our Heroes (and Heroine), and lead to further action later because right now? if I get rid of the bad guys then story tension has to come from somewhere else. Maybe some snarky dialogue lol.

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