tiltawhirl day

  • simply ran out of gumption yesterday. Was supposed to go see Terry but I couldn’t. I did manage to get hold of him at the hotel though and we had a brief chat. I mean he RODE A BICYCLE TO THE THE INN from the airport, good gawd yall
  • Managed to convert the leftover rice into an egg, veg and tofu fried rice so I wasn’t completely useless yesterday
  • damn i need coffee and not just a little
  • learned from Suzanne that she may be the victim of identify theft and so she’ll be bringing her computer to the house tomorrow; Jeff has (no promises) volunteered to inspect it
  • no progress on Totally Boned. My desire to finish it is undiminished
  • John Horgan saying the health care system’s on the brink of collapse should get a boot to the ass! he didn’t mind it when he got cancer and went to the head of the line, the great fool! I mean, given that he has some control over how much workers get paid and how much PPE they have access to, how can he let that air escape his mouth
  • there’s a ‘house’ for sale in Whistler for $37 million. If you see how much glass it involves you will laugh very hard; either the glazing all pops out in an earthquake or the hvac costs are enormous. messaged Katie to find out if her employer but the marble into it (she told stories, you should ask her) and she said yes
  • at first I thought ‘sleepy Joe Biden’ was a slur but honestly this president makes molasses in February look peppy and responsive and his reaction after Roe was incredibly stupid and he’s setting the democrats up for failure by not doing something about student debt.  He might as well be a Russian plant for all the good he’s doing