next two days will be hot

  1. Things are still very bad in Ukraine and a global food crisis is all but assured.
  2. Things are terrible in Sri Lanka – food and fuel costs have soared and that’s why people kicked in the door of the Presidential palace and set it on fire.
  3. There’s ANOTHER BA4/5 variant out of Hong Kong (but, racists beware, it could have been anywhere) and we’re basically creating variants across the planet because our public health people and leaders have decided to just give up.
  4. I’m not travelling anywhere until I have a handle on how bad the new variant is in BC. I’m certainly not going anywhere without a test first.
  5. Katie says she got COVID but tested negative all the way through. Some people do.
  6. Worst cognitive effects of COVID pop up 8 – 10 months after you get it. How the hell do you clear this illness? It freaking lingers! The idea of COVID settling into human beings as a recurrent fever is freaking me out.
  7. Despite everything I had a good visit with Alex and he drew some LOVELY monsters, we recorded belches, he was very happy to have sleep cuddles (I have never seen anyone rip bedclothes off like that kid, a tornado twists less. (I was very tired after the housefilk how on earth am I going to do one day a week of childcare for babby Ryker, I am freaking out about how tired I get doing childcare for Alex and he’s a manageable pet of a child.)
  8. Alex mentioned that he got to meet a cousin he’d never met the other day (from Dax’s side of the family). I think he was most impressed over the fact the meal was at Red Robin.
  9. We tried to watch ‘Sea Beast’ on Netflix and bailed after 10 minutes since it didn’t make a lot of sense and Karl Urban having a Kiwi accent when his character was adopted by a Brit jammed me hard, lemme tell you.
  10. It was lovely to see Katie yesterday even if Ryker was at his dad’s. She got some sleep with both the boys being gone. So glad she slept instead of doing housework. She said I have to get used to Paul being a different person every time I see him. That’s … kinda terrifying. We all have quite a few decisions in the queue.
  11. Alex is playing Among Us non stop. I have to say that he’s already learning what group play is like – full of trolls and people who swear continuously. He mocks them, which is better than being upset by them.
  12. He’s still very happy with me for finding the CBC kids website and he plays those games all the time. Personally I prefer Disk Rush – it’s a twitch game – and Waffle – a word finder game and I double dog dare you to beat my top score of 1703. Good luck with that!
  13. I did my Lumosity workout this morning for my BRANS and got top 5 scores in 4 out of 5 games, so despite feeling a bit sludgy cognitively okay.
  14. No change on word count for Totally Boned. I did lie in bed and cry about the scenes upcoming when the lads are parted by (spins spinner) bad communication, and I finally figured out how to frame it so it was plausible.
  15. Finished the palak paneer and now there’s just one meal left out of the Indian food I ordered last week (daal and aloo gobhi). The rice I think I’ll turn into breakfast fried rice.
  16. I couldn’t finish my Big Star small #27 so Jeff et it. That is one damned tasty sandwich, but I think I’ll skip the hot sauce next time.
  17. Buster is being driven mad by either fleas or allergies.
  18. Mosquitoes are really bad in Vancouver this year.
  19. I really should do the lawn and have ZERO DESIRE.
  20. Katie wants to steal the canoe Paul put in our back yard and give it to inlaw Steven from 70 Mile House (That’s where she was camping with Alex – and they’re still covered in bug bites). Paul says he wants to go but Katie is literally terrified of having to manage him if he wanders during the night. There are bears everywhere up there, no ambulances and maybe 20 cars on the road every day. I do not blame her for being concerned. Paul was having difficulties managing himself on Saturday and put another lovely ding on the face of Smokey, although I am hardened enough about damage to my musical instruments, given that I do it a lot myself, to avoid commenting.
  21. I should really do some laundry and I really don’t want to do that either.
  22. And make my bed up.
  23. At least I’m keeping on top of the dishes.