the morning update

  1. 33091 words
  2. Anniversary of the storming of the Bastille today
  3. I have achieved coffee and the kitchen rugs (aka ‘Buster’s toilet paper’) are washed and dried ready to be put back down after Suzanne does her thing
  4. The repulsigans have once again distinguished themselves by announcing that there was ‘no proof’ that a ten year old girl had been raped and needed an abortion but I READ THE TWITTER ACCOUNT OF THE LOCAL REPORTER WHO WAS IN THE COURTROOM WHERE THAT LITTLE GIRL’S RAPIST WAS ARRAIGNED. Her name is Bethany Bruner and she writes for, just in case those MOFOs throw it in the memory hole again.
  5. Reddit esp. the sub trollxchromosomes is FULL of women getting sterilized and sharing information about good doctors. The next generation is going to have the lowest birthrate in American history and every time repulsigans complain it will just drop again. No jobs, no prospects, world on fire, pandemic, emerging illnesses, no abortion access, men have had 40 years to be trained out of how to be a marital partner; under the circumstances, who wants a baby? My mildly out of the common mold daughter I guess.
  6. An abortion yacht will be put into service in the gulf of Mexico, apparently. I’ll believe it when I see it, but apparently Mexico stands ready to be a friendly port of call since Texas has decided to war on those of us who can still get pregnant.
  7. District Court Judge Troy Daniel denied Tirany Savage a restraining order after her soon to be ex bought a gun and threatened her and her friends, so he shot and killed her, her mother and her 13 year old son. Then, in the standard coward’s exit of pissbaby men who commit DV, Bo Savage offed himself. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS murder WITH TRAINING WHEELS. Judge Troy Daniel is now implicated in murder, and so I’m making sure my blog makes his shame and Bo’s known for as long as this site is up.
  8. Have a long Covid source list.
  9. Yes it includes Canadians.
  10. Jeff has words for Microsoft and they aren’t happy birthday.
  11. Russian soldiers are leaving evidence for war crimes behind, as if they’ll never be prosecuted. Justice will come, justice will be done.
  13. I’M LOOKING AT YOU AUNTIE MARY maybe you’re an alarmist and a crybaby about COVID BUT I THINK YOU ARE THE BEST and ha ha ha you’re also STILL ALIVE and I would very much like you to stay that way, so if you don’t see Paul and Keith when they come visiting I will just smile and nod over here.