Off to Paul’s this morning (later… after a negative RAT), sometime, to help him with various things; 26861 words, burritos for supper last night but they were really terrible so we don’t know whether we’re ordering from there again, and this morning hopefully we have a Dark Winds and a Westworld.

Received word from Jan that Jim’s in hospital in Victoria. He’s doing better that he was when they choppered him down there, that’s for sure, but no further details were authorized and we are ALL of course quite concerned for him.  Jan’s with him. All skill to the hands of his doctors, all love and patience to him and his family.

Absolutely fucking hideous breakdown of what’s known about BA.5, the latest variant of concern.

And more.

And more. But I can’t find the link. You’re safe for now.

My mood right now is pretty dark. I’m trying to keep myself right side up with a reminder that I’m not responsible for the happiness of other people, and only responsible for controlling my own reaction to people and events.

I’m going to start treating July 4 as the International Day of Mourning for failing Democratic States, and Canada’s looking like one.