No errands with Paul yesterday

Didn’t get over to his place so I still owe Keith money. MUST GET THERE TODAY.

Just about blew the Wordle this morning. Only rescued myself going to one of those ‘helper’ sites.

I got a message through reddit this morning. Four months ago I gave medical advice on reddit and this morning somebody messaged me and said THANK YOU FOR THE ADVICE I’M SO GLAD I CHECKED ON REDDIT. So I made one person’s life easier, thank you universe.

Still at 537 words. I intend to BROOD for a while, especially since I got something to do on the ‘romance’ side of things and it will make my mother mad (before the inevitable ‘happy’ ending).

I do like Only Murders in the the Building but yeesh kabobbers when the Martin Short character DOES GO ON he DOES GO ON and I throw my blanket over my head and stick my fingers in my ears.