it’s the little things

Paul drove back from Seattle with his girlfriend in tow, didn’t bother to tell the kids first. Well, at least I can scratch that off the list of people Paul must inform. It will be interesting to see which mode of transport she utilizes to go home.

Katie has asked (the way atheists do…) to keep a friend of hers in mind today. If things go well Katie’ll be walking distance from her best friend. Pray your asses off in other words, it would be SO GOOD for her mental health.

2525 words and NOW you’ve got that STUPID song in your head.

I called myself a ragesloth this morning.

what a day

Spoke to both of my former sisters-in-law regarding Paul’s medical situation. Lois had to call back and then we had quite the earflapping. Ruth was as smart and kind as I remember her. Terry, may he receive his recompense, had already told both of them what was going on, so they were not freaking out when I called.

Got Keith over here (for pay, expecting broke rellies to work for nothing is horky) to rip out as much of the deadly nightshade as possible (including the nightshade that was growing up into the air conditioner water outlet) while I mowed the lawn. Jeff, you need to buy some gas, cause all that’s left is in the lawnmower.

Got a splendidly indulgent supper delivered after a splendidly indulgent breakfast (I ordered two coffees just in case Keith wanted some later). SO MUCH FRUIT nom.

Tried to write. 2330 words.

Watched some more Sandman again.

I have a long list and no desire to do a damned thing about it

have some doggerel!

East Burnaby, East Burnaby
At least it’s not New West
We tried to keep the homeless out
We really tried our best

Alas the housing crisis came
Our Derek lost his bearings
So now we’re building shelters
And not acting so uncaring

To watch the cops throw up their hands
As you cross 10th Avenue
Reminds one of the benefits
Of police force overview

Like all good Burnabarians
I love our Mounties dearly
How could they ever use us ill
Or treat us cavalierly

But should you need assistance
From the New West PD
You’ll see a difference written plain
From our RCMP

East Burnaby, East Burnaby
Samosas on the breeze
Within two steps it’s dim sum
Pork adobo follows these

East Burnaby, East Burnaby
So great it almost hurts
And housing’s tight so now we fight
For legalizing yurts

A multi ethnic youth gang came
And shovelled all my snow
I’m lucky to be living here
I hope I never go

late post – sorry

Lovely visit with Alex yesterday, talked some more with Katie about her domestic situation, Keith is coming over today to help with the yard.

Ordered breakfast from Angelina’s this morning, a truly spectacular amount of self indulgence but I ordered zero meat and most of the fruit in their amazing fruit bowl is local.

Buster is very subdued, mewing in a sad way, but he’s definitely uninterested with ‘outside’ at the moment and requested that I re-lock the cat door after I opened it. I know that sounds insane since he can’t talk, but he stands in front of the unlocked catdoor and sort of nods once and walks away, then stands in the games room to show that he is *moving away from the door* and settles after the door is locked again.

No AC today until later, will probably only need it to dehumidify and cool a bit.

I got four hours of sleep. Didn’t get to sleep until 3:30 but another couple of rewatched episodes of Sandman and I finally got to lights out.

VR headset and Alex

HE IS SO CHUFFED. His mouth keeps falling open in wonderment and discovery. BUT

setting up a meta account fucking near killed me I am now officially pissed and I can’t ‘go forward’ from the groundhog day set up experience.

Gruncle Jeff has definitely definitely won the cool relative sweepstakes for the week. ALEX has found his way to youtube. Now he says TIRED NOW BACK TO PEGGLE (an xbox 360 game)

Jeff couldn’t book for a Sunday return thanks to the MURDER ON THE BC FERRY which turns out to be not a murder but a miscount of clients and who knows where he ended up. (walked off the ferry abandoning his car? wht the heck) so Jeff’s now coming back Monday. Sigh. Buster will be so so so very glad to see him.

metformin, coffee and a short walk

The foregoing combination was poopulous.


Fortunately I had my grandson Alex with me (full of Tim Horton’s finest) and he said that there were no brown stains, so I made it home without public embarrassment, just that drawn face and awkward gait that accompanies an er accidental blowout. I’m only sharing this so my mOm can smile sadly and nod. Getting old BLOWS I tell ya. I knew better, and got coffee anyway. On the plus side, I managed to avoid pooping myself until AFTER I picked up the amlodipine at the drugstore. So I managed to run an errand AND poop myself this morning, go me…..


Did I ever tell you about the time I pooped my pants on the transit in Montreal? This would have been when I was in my thirties…. it’s a sad and smelly tale with a happy ending.

2238 words


JUST TO MAKE MYSELF FEEL BETTER, here are all the comments (all of them) for my “Accidental Mr. Right” destiel story. Look at all the strangers I made happy!

I really really liked it

This was…. everything :}

Another lovely story. Thank you for sharing.

This was absolutely fantastic. Xx

You made me cry

Amazing!!! This was fabulous and I plan on reading it again so that I can take it all in. I loved the internal monologue from both boys and I was ready to cry both when Cas went back to Georgia and when he came back to Dean. THAT SIGN AT THE AIRPORT!! Great job, thanks for sharing.


Your stories contain some of the absolute best banter I have ever read, ever. Coupled with the sweetness and cuddling and softness, the wit and cleverness works so, so well. One million kudos to you, lovely.

This was so good! I loved it.

Do you know how adorable this is?!?!?!?!? Do you?!?!?!? Because I loved every tooth-rotting fluffy moment of it, from the gorgeous start to the fantastic finish. This is the perfect combo of angst, thickheaded characters, fluff, and pure unadulterated love. I almost wish I could go back in time just to appreciate this from the very beginning.

Holy mother fucking shit. That was so BEAUTIFUL! Everything about it! Beautifully paced, beautifully written, beautifully characterised! I can’t get over it. So many moments made me gasp and made my heart flood with emotion! ‘The love of my life’ what a perfect realisation for the two of them! And it was truly written as a love story. I could see them truly being in love and not just ‘here’s two hot guys. Now they’re fucking!’ I can’t get over this. I’m going to reread it so much!

aaaaaaaa this was wonderful!!! I love the characterization!!!!

Very nice!

Those adorable dummies! Their banter is just perfect, especially at the diner at the beginning, comparing views on politics and sports and religion. I’d kill to write so well!

I loved this

This was very sweet. ??


Can’t sleep. Too much on my mind and my back hurts so damned much.

Katie’s child care arrangements for the baby imploded because REASONS and I know them but am too smart to commit them to print, let me just say NOT HER FAULT. So I can’t likely go to Toronto in November; if I do get away it will be in October. Heavy sigh.

Buster vanished all day but he’s home now.

I have to walk my grandkid to timmy ho’s tomorrow honest to christ given how I am now I’ll cab over there

whoever keeps trying to break into my blog

Jeff warned me. Lots of people are visiting, good luck with breaking things; Jeff is a prudent and cautious individual and this site is protected as well as one can thriftily make it.

Russian soldier says fuck it. When this link breaks, his name is Pavel Filatyev. He has both deserted and fled Russia.

2173 words

Katie messaged me yesterday afternoon asking if it would be inconvenient to get Alex to come over tonight for a sleepover and I’m like

Crying From Happiness GIFs | Tenor

She never tries to take advantage, what a kid.

Today, prescription refill by way of a walk before it gets too warm, then over to see the kids briefly to review the ‘family spreadsheet’ and talk about our feelings because hoo boy it’s been tough this week.

The beets Zanne bought for me in Cache Creek have been PROCESSED and are now resting comfortably in the fridge. Reminder to self: That first trip to the bathroom will scare you, BE PREPARED. I still owed her a bit of money from the trip but let me tell you, my outlay ended up being a couple of CBD gummies, a 3.5 g bag of weed and 120 dollars, and for that much fun (and such COMFORTABLE NIGHTS OF SLEEP) I would have paid MUCH MORE. And I got to drive into the sunset when the mountains faded into haze and it was like being suspended in a picture postcard for hours.

Zanne told me about tabby kittens ready to go, but no ‘new’ news on the kittens. And the poor queen (owned by an unhoused woman who lives in an underpass) is pregnant AGAIN. Woman doesn’t want to give them up but I’m going to show up with a bag of kitten kibble and a hundred dollars in small bills and ask nicely. If the fates are propitious I shall name her Sookie.

Trying to learn to get by without milk in a jug… I may be switching over to powdered and condensed. Right now there’s been no fresh milk in the house for a week.

Buster has returned from catting and got his brekkie.

There was an additional episode of Sandman that I was not aware of and it had, like, ROMANCE in it which was very attenuated but also very welcome. Tom Sturridge STARVED HIMSELF for the role, and in that first episode it’s obvious, he no longer looks like a healthy human being and you can see his face plump up over the course of the show as he puts maybe five pounds back on.

folks wandering up to Neil Gaiman and saying ‘I am absolutely not racist why did you cast Black and Desi actors in Sandman’ and him responding, ‘YOU – PERSONALLY – I DID IT TO PISS YOU OFF! – DIE MAD U SALTY BITCH’ is the shprinkles in my coffee this am.

No ac today, it’s not supposed to get warmer than 19. I’ll turn it on if I need to.

Paul’s gone south

I’m not too worried about him. He actually told me before he left, which he doesn’t normally do. All I can hope for is that he stays hydrated and doesn’t have any construction detours.

Zanne is here, the enshinening continueth.

frackin hot outside. AC working okay

2045 words. Finally unstuck but it’s not great, I have to be super careful what I write and how so I don’t bash myself too hard wrapping things up.

Garbage day today

I get to do it because Jeff’s away still.

Something big and smelly caught fire on Mitchell Island and everything stank for a while last night. Air conditioner off until the temp starts to climb at sunup – it’s quite nice and cool right now at 19 degrees C.

Spent many hours with Paul yesterday going through all his appointments, setting appointments, putting together a family document with all of his health related to dos and contacts, then spent a while on the phone with Keith downloading. There is supposed to be a family meeting later this week. Paul’s supposed to tell his gf this week, what a non-joy that will be, following up with it.

Buster demanded to be let out this morning but he came back promptly for his breakfast. One night Jeff was gone he was out all night because the cat door was locked and he snuck out while Mike was leaving and I didn’t notice. He was super subdued when he came back at 5 am but not beat up, he had no new scratches.

He very obviously misses his hoomin.

I’m rewatching Sandman. It’s so much better with the middle of one episode, won’t say which one, gone… skipped almost half an hour. I don’t need to see that again and I understand the point Gaiman was trying to make but YUCK.

Really really re-enjoying Boyd Holbrook’s performance as the Corinthian. brrrr

49th Shelf remarks:

And Dissonance Engine (November), by David Dowker, is an exploration of time, cognition and loss; the intersection of dream and alternate reality amidst myriad systems of control.

So that gives something to look forward to.

picture me screaming about the trash

Screaming Possum Madness (40 Possum Memes) - I Can Has Cheezburger?