better today

  1. knees much less sore, swelling gone down, bruised area is still very hot to the touch. The place I hit my head is hurting today, but not enough to take pain killers.
  2. You now aren’t supposed to drink rainwater anywhere on earth. That’s a hell of a thing.
  3. wordle in 4, haven’t done my lumosity yet this morning. Sorry I’m late, I had a very upset night sleeping wise
  4. CNN referred to Elon Musk’s increasingly bizarre and market stampeding behaviour as ‘antics’ is ludicrous. Four year olds stacking chairs to get at cookies is antics, for the love of god.
  5. Hoping to see Mike some time this week, even if it’s to drop by and have some takeout.
  6. Officially starving, I’m off to get some breakfast.

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