omnibus post

2533 words. grinding still

Watched Railway Children Revisited. Beau Gadsdon, the lead, played ONE of the child versions of Jyn in Rogue One. I KNEW I had seen her before. (her sister Dolly played the other one) It’s a very kindly well meaning film but you’ll do fine not watching it if that’s not your interest. Although Jenny Agutter is always a treat on the screen.

Rewatched the Jeremy Brett version of ‘The Red-Headed League’ and Tim McInnerny plays a swine so well, as always.

If you needed ANOTHER reason not to fly? yeesh. As I predicted previously the science is starting to look like flying will be more turbulent thanks to climate change.

Jeff and Buster are out on rat patrol.

Two loads of laundry.

Very hot yesterday. AQI and Pollen were good, can’t figure out why I can’t stop sneezing.

Not in great shape, just putting one foot in front of the other.