What do I do today?

Same thing I do every National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, Pinky, reread the report recommendations, give thanks for the Treaty 6 source of my family’s health and wealth, and financially support Indigenous heritage language learners.

I’m certainly not flying up into Indigenous people’s timelines and asking for cookies.

(‘same thing I do every night Pinky’ is a quote from Pinky and the Brain, a cartoon)

walk in the Park

Paul and I went to Fraser Foreshore yesterday, first time in ages. The park was practically deserted. Although I was quite tired, we went slow and did a full walk. After I brought Paul back here and fed him Mac and Cheese and constructed a salad for us. For dinner I fried pork chomps (very very slowly) and nuked taters and made another salad. It was really good.

Today I hope to drop off some Yorkshire Gold tea at Peggy’s place, pick up additional bp medication and meditate on Reconciliation Day. I also hope to finish Sam Cooper’s “Wilful Blindness” which is a simply terrifying and disgusting read about how Vancouver has been completely screwed up by the international (mostly Chinese) drug trade and the rapacity of the CCP, paired faithlessly by the fucking idiots running both Vancouver and Victoria, and the ludicrously incompetent RCMP.

I’m saddened by how I care more about what’s happening in Florida and the coast than I am by the poor folks in the aftermath of the floods in Pakistan (it’s going to take more than the rest of this year for the waters to recede.) So I went to the internet to see if there’s any good news from there and found some.

As of this morning, there are 1500 dead in Pakistan – at least – and 11 dead in the US from Hurricane Ian.

Coolio, the somewhat shameless misogynist who penned the hip hop classic “Gangster’s Paradise” is dead at 59 of a heart attack.

Lizzo, the equally shameless (but for other reasons) recording artist has played a 200 yo crystal flute while twerking, and on the internet, you would think she had injured white manhood to the core. IF YOU THAT FRAGILLY STAY HOME BUB