ticking boxes

Got my hairs cut this morning. Love Kimiko at B-Bombshell. Taxied down, transited back. Definitely got my steps in, got there early and there was no place to sit down unless I wanted to spend money, eyeroll.

Shop went reasonably well. The bathroom code for the save-on is 1141# if anyone cares.

My 4th vaccination is booked for Thursday this week. It will be my first mRNA shot.

Just ordered pizza from a new place. We still don’t have a regular decent pizza place since Roundhouse (of sad and blessèd memory) so we’re trying again. They are highly rated, but if they’re short staffed all bets are off.

One load of laundry washed and dried.

some accomplishments

Alex got picked up around noon; Katie drove me to the eye place and I picked up my new/old glasses (old Vogue frames, new lenses); walked home after picking up four veggie samosas at Baba Sweets; I fixed the broken glasses with Sugru. So I did get a fair amount of walking in yesterday and my ankles are telling me all about it this morning.

No comments on the new story on AO3 but 135 hits since I posted it yesterday, and it seems to have spawned interest in the other stories.

Started watching Gentleman Jack. Anne Lister was a piece of work.

Today: we shop at seven and I get a haircut at nine am. SO MUCH INTERACTION I’ll prob’ly come home and collapse, har har.