Much better today

AQI is good but may tank later today. My mood is much improved – I went to bed early and it was a GOOD plan.

I have learned that Tammy is coming to Vancouver for Christmas. yay!

The death of queen Elizabeth is forcing the closure of schools and Crown Corporations in BC. Everything else is to remain open. I think I will ask Katie if I can have Alex overnight on Sunday. (I sent the email already.)

Charles III already looks like a clumsy old fool and nothing that has happened since his accession changes anything. Tying the fortunes of his house with a tour of the UK with Liz Truss is ludicrous, he’ll pay for that in popularity.

Jeff has been overheard to wonder exactly how much changing everything affected is going to cost Canadians.

Buster came in screaming (okay, crying repeatedly, noisy for *him*) (I guess the cat door was open last night) and he was COVERED in ants. I picked half a dozen ants off him as he ‘insisted’ on being brushed. (He goes to the place where the activity occurs and cues me.) They don’t seem to be the biting kind but I guess he lay down on some ants. I also learned that he completely consumed the butter I left in a dish on the counter. Jeff, reading this, is rolling his eyes.

Three Thousand Years of Longing, the new George Miller film, is a lovely fantasy drama and I highly recommend it.