brain fog

The brain fog and easy irritability are really bad today so I think I’ll just quietly try to not worry about anything and find something entertaining to watch. It really doesn’t help when the first thing I clap eyes on in the am is Putin nuclear bomb rattling and declaiming the need for a mobilization. Apparently the most common search in Russia right now is ‘HOW DO I LEAVE’.

Forgot to get probiotics when I went shopping yesterday. I may commit more shopping today. Still no sign of the kids turning up for their frozen goods. They are still waiting for a new cat to deal with proliferating mice.

The pizza place turned out to be as good as advertised. It’s a bit farther away than most but the wings were fantastic – much better than the chain brands of pizza – and the pies had delicious crusts, not overcooked, and plenty of cheese and veggies. For Jeff’s gut health we won’t be ordering more than once every six to eight weeks but at least pizza’s back on the menu. We also bought soy cheese yesterday and when the temps drop a bit more I’ll make some soy cheese pizza.

Two cups of coffee did not help. I don’t feel physically bad, just slow. Time for time.