My scores have crashed

I’m either suffering from the after-effects of a small stroke or I’m still too sick to concentrate on anything. I’m pretty much back to where I started. (This is for Lumosity. YES I am aware that Lumosity has had their legal troubles and have overrepresented the benefits and handwaved some of the science and I am not convinced they don’t still jimmy the scores from time to time.)

I’m going to take the uptempo view and decide to believe my brain will get better.

I don’t have any NEW news because I’m staying the hell away from other human beings since the plague situation has been crashing down around our ears. Without Jeff around I’d go completely feral, I reckon. It’s a good thing we all have phones and can at least talk to each other instead of scowling across the vast distance between here and where the kids live. Haven’t spoken to Katie in ages, but the great thing about that woman is I can leave her alone for a couple of weeks and she is still there, and still loves her mOm, she’s just busy.

It’s very hard to believe I was once that busy, flying around with kids under my arm and no vehicle. Yup, I took kids to daycare on transit in Toronto. Hours and hours getting to work and getting home, every day. Paul had to have the car because he worked shifts, you see.

The world cup final is in a few minutes and while we haven’t watched the rest of it, we likely will this am because it is global sport on a very high level and likely from all accounts to be a memorable corker of a game. I should stop what I’m doing and make brown buns to nosh while we’re watching. (LATER damn I didn’t get started fast enough. I was feeling very queasy and I’ve learned that I should eat into my morning queasiness, and then it’s gone.)

Tea, leftover Japanese food for breakfast. Those gyoza were evidence for God, sorry I ate them, jury’s still out now.

Metrotown parkade (THE WORST –– THE FUCKING WORST –– THE ABSOWORST) was BLOCKED for an hour last night, people were literally prevented from leaving by crummy driving and the parking attendants did bupkes. I learned of this from r/vancouver.

2023 is about learning to live with other people’s shitty epidemiological decisions and still finding joy.

I wept when I read Nita’s post on facebook about how she misses her dad. Me too kid; like me you have an awesome dad who filled my life with fun, food, music and art (also discipline, expectations and feelings of security.) Your loss is harsher to bear than mine, and the world lost an amazing man the day Jim decided to walk on.

There are ten people who read my blog every day. I want you to know that I love and appreciate you, even the lurkers, and hope you have an especially glorious day. Try not to get snowed in, wherever you are.

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