Jeff and I were exposed to mochi for the first time (frozen, chocolate ice cream mochi which is apparently available at Saveon) last night, and I forgot to mention it as part of the meal.

Paul phoned, insisting that I drive the car to come pick him up so I advised that I’m not taking it anywhere until it’s fixed and I don’t have an appointment yet. Then he demanded to be told what to do with Tom and John’s ashes (they are not mixed together in case you read that with horror) and I said that he has two other siblings and their opinion counts for more than mine. He apparently got on the phone to Peggy too, I can only wring my hands over how that convo must have gone because he sounded quite pugnacious. The problem is, once he has a problem in mind it stays there until he’s distracted, so he’ll probably be stewing about this.

Anyway, having reviewed everything that happened last year (haw as of two days ago) I can now understand why I am having crying jags every day and feeling terrible – not depressed exactly but grieving…. I have felt a lot more energetic of late, but it stops at the door of the house. Shopping tomorrow – I’ll get out of the house whether I want to or not. AND BUY MOCHI nom. As you get older, food becomes the only stalwart….

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