gapped the demo

I must not have wanted to go all that much.

Still writing.

Have said farewell to Jeff, who has departed on his journey.

‘Regular’ fiction publishing continues to be a complete wasteland, wherein any profits to be recovered go to the richest people in the chain and the dregs go to the content creators. Better by far to maintain control of your creation and get nothing, in my view.


Cover of a cookbook: The Microwave Fish Cookbook by Val Collins

Someone got this published, even though as far as workplaces and roommate situations go, its very existence is a violent crime.

My most popular bleat on Bluesky so far:

gentle reminder that every constraint applied to trans women is immediately and gleefully applied to cis women who don’t meet normative standards of appearance or dress. So all the hairy faced gals, all the bald gals, all the tall gals, all the gals with big hands or feet. Ain’t we all women

I’m about to write a really mushy affectionate scene for TB and it’s going to be amazing, I’ve been thinking about it for days.

*T&*^*( Buster just threw my laptop onto the floor.

He’s now wandering around the house and screaming for Jeff at the top of his lungs.

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