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Long, heartcrunchin’ phone call with Tammy yesterday, so necessary and so fucking horrifying. Families can save or wreck us, that’s for sure. Candles up for her and her mother, and those poor great-niblings whose mother passed from the scourge of drug addiction.

Lovely convo with Dave. His apartment plumbing problems continue; I was about to write ‘his plumbing problems continue’ but virtually everyone who reads this blog would have misinterpreted that one so I had to fix it. Poor guy had to listen to me bloviate about TB, he would have been in his rights to quietly disconnect the call at that point. But I had THINGS TO SAY about writing a romance where there is utterly no sex at all and no prospect of any.

Jeff has returned. Buster ignored him for thirty whole seconds and then indicated that me he, and what a typo lol, might just be a lot happier now that he’s home.

Zibethicus the billionaire muskrat has announced that he may have to have surgery before his cage fight with Mark Zuckerberg, so he’s obviously whiffing already. What a fucking putz.

I am still not okay with the end of S2 Good Omens. I feel like someone has been cruel to me.

Still loving Twisted Metal though.

I’ve actually put some laundry away already. Now to finish in the kitchen and make myself some breakfast and try to pretend that I am a CONTENT CREATOR gordammit.

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