Feeling very disconnected and scattered, not that it’s stopping me from writing. 285 words so far today, 386 yesterday.

Apple pie and coffee is what I had for breakfast. Forty years ago the father of a friend of Peggy’s said PLANT JONATHAN APPLES and he did, and this year the crop was three hunnert pounds and I ATE APPLE PIE because Peggy. Plant a tree, it’s a beautiful thing, plant a fruit tree, feed my greedy face!!

The family meal was beef stew and garlic bread and apple pie à la mode. Keith donned his new apron and flew around the kitchen on wings. I left the Echo there along with the key for Ruth and John and came home in a cab, everyone was conversating and I didn’t want to break things up.

I believe I have worked out the ending to TB after talking to my mother about it.

I am looking after Ryker on Wednesday afternoon so Suzanne can have an appointment.


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