a broad range of reasons to be thankful

I get emails from my mother indicating that her sister now has a functioning phone in her room. (She’s also in with two COVID patients, oh doodie.)

I have spoken to my pOp on the phone this past week.

mOm too.

And Dave.

I went to church with Paul, and he was on time for pickup, and looked fine, and we had a mostly virtual service which was engaging and challenging for me and which Paul suffered through with quiet dignity, and then we went downstairs and ATE DEEP FRIED TURKEY and stuffing and everything else you can imagine; it was yummy and we destroyed it, and Keith came, and Katie and Ryker and Alex came, and I got to chase Ryker up and down SOAP Hall for many minutes. I also helped a tiny bit with set up and take down.

I got to watch Dougie cook the last turkey – it was magnificent. Succulent and fantastic.

AND THEN PEGGY PRODUCED AN APPLE PIE her mother’s recipe AND GAVE IT TO ME FOR JEFF and the great pie wheel in the sky continues to turn.

I am grateful for clean bedding and my many creature comforts. I am grateful for the bracelet Shad made for me and my Marvin the Martian watch that I inherited from John.

I wish I had someone to hug that I wasn’t related to. But I’m definitely grateful for all the hugs I got so far.

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