Alex has gone home

He’s still a teensy bit under the weather, but no temp or productive cough.

Saw Paul today, got his cell phone working AGAIN at which point THE PHONE STARTED RINGING.

One of the calls was from a bill collector in Washington. I told him just hang up if you get calls like that.

One of the calls was from the Alzheimer society – she’s going to keep checking on him and will send some info out.

One was his friend Laura – we exchanged contact info just in case.

And the other was his financial advisor. Anyway, I got his TV working again (I have not idea how it stops being set to cable, but oh well) and I’m thrilled I was able to help him but gosh I was tired when I left – holdin me temper in when he’s having a really good day otherwise, talking to people, happy to be on the phone – is actually a lot like work.


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