Lovely weather yesterday

Didn’t go out in it though.

Still thinking about that amazing dense, perfectly iced chocolate cake Peggy brought us. She literally can’t eat chocolate, so it is amazing that she bakes it, but not amazing that it tastes so good. Because she is excellent at most of what she tries, and her hospitality is the model and standard against which I hold myself.

Buster is shedding still, sigh, but nothing like Margot good god.

Tuesday we go to see the new cats. Excitement! One of them is already a lap cat and is in training to be a shoulder cat. Words cannot express Keith’s happiness at this. Hoping to get a pic of him with Ryker passed out and the new olde cat on his shoulder WHILE HE’S GAMING for an update of that last gem! ‘Twould be awesomesauce.

330 words on a new fanfic ‘The Instructor’; I am trying to work on stuff for TotesBoned but it’s not flowing at the moment. Also the plotty stuff approaches and I’m fer shit on that.

Three top scores in Lumosity, Wordle in 4. My brain is working.

I’ve been sleeping through the night and almost four hours extra in the middle of the day. Well, the blood test did say I was fighting a viral infection. As for what the air is like in Vancouver, lemme see now….

Pollen index for Vancouver March 16 2023 VERY HIGH Cedar Juniper, HIGH Alder

the peace of glob be achoo

not alone

Called Dave, his room has changed. Still no ultrasound. His test results continue to puzzle the specialists, often an unwanted combination of words, but his electrolytes are better. His cats have been fed and watered and he has additional phone numbers if he needs them. My relief is most great.

Jeff has been super helpful and kind the last few days. We actually left the house yesterday, picked up some treats, were the only people (almost 100 percent except for some staffers) wearing masks indoors.

Wordle in three, haven’t done Lumosity yet, 22847 words.

James Hong wore googly eyes on his bow tie at the Oscars. You’d have to see the movie ‘EEAAO’ to understand why that’s even funnier than it is on the surface.

Paul is still in Seattle, he’ll be back eventually.


Back in 1996, Paul, John, Bounce, Duke, the kids and I all lived on Dee Avenue in Toronto. For five whole weeks, before our lives got upended again and Paul’s transfer to Vancouver came through. Our bedroom had 11 separate walls as I recollect. That was also the house where Paul and I self diagnosed with ADD and where we were living when Keith ran into a car and hurt his ankle and he was so traumatized by the untreated mentally ill man in the ER that we left AMA. Eventually John followed us to Vancouver, where pOp helped him get a job at John’s Jukes.

I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of the street.

So after looking at Toronto maps for a while I finally remembered “Knob Hill Farms” which was walking distance from there. They closed in 2001 but I got the locations and was able to backtrack the address.

Hope that asteroid misses us today.

Anniversary of Marx’s death date today.


another day of grey

Wordle in 4, Lumosity is indicating that my brain has fallen out of my ass, 22841 words.

mOm recommended Wong & Winchester and Jeff and I are liking it. We’re working our way through season three of Sinner (Matt Bomer is the villain) and it’s the usual freaky psychological stuff, but intensely interesting. Season 2 Zone Blanche rewatch yields continuing gems. Finished Last of Us season one; a really fine entertainment. Finding out that the giraffe (a local Canadian zoo provided it) was real instead of CGI was a trip… that was Bella Ramsey actually putting something in its gob, lol.

Peggy showed up with cake and soda bread, she got the last of the biscotti in exchange. Absolutely no one complaining. Love all around.

I am still feeling very small and useless.



Still exhausted from all the sturm und drang of the last couple of days, but things calmed down.

I have not yet met Sam and Oreo, the new cats at Junction, but it’s something I look forward to.

Ke Huy Kuan winning best supporting actor for his role in the candidly amazing “Everything Everywhere All At Once” is so well deserved I can’t say how much. He was a) a sophisticated actor (an actor playing an actor) b) a universe hopping battle ninja c) a henpecked husband and d) a fully realized human being. He was the spindle that movie whirled around. Crying and saying to his mother ‘Mom I won an Oscar’…. just amazing – hugging Harrison Ford, with whom he starred in his first important film, so many years ago…. I didn’t watch ‘The Big Show’ but I got a feed full of it this morning. Happy feelings.

I have lots of other thoughts about what’s going on in my world, but sometimes the inside voice is the one to use.


bad friend

As much as I might think I have the mental and physical energy to hop on a plane and go to Toronto to assist Dave with cat care, I don’t. Yesterday was full of panic attacks and self-excoriation for being a bad friend. I should not have volunteered. And now I get to phone someone who’s sick, lonely and literally isolated and tell him that. Thank all the anarchist saints Catherine volunteered.

It’s not about me, but I can’t help. Just the idea of going to an airport fills me with LITERALLY existential dread. I mean, I probably just got over a silent case of COVID (I lost my most of my sense of smell and as things stand now I have to hold things up to my nose to tell what they smell like) which the Canadian government has just admitted was all part of a mass-disabling event, and now I want to get it again? Just thinking about taking my medications, or having to transit everywhere, and then having to come home; I’m on the ground wailing.

I wish I had any good news to share.



Got a couple of turns around the park in yesterday.

Suzanne came, cleaned and departed. We had the back door wide open most of the time she was here and it really felt wonderful, a ginyouwine spring clean. Should have seen Suzanne’s face when I told her that Daxus and I had had an adult conversation about something of import to both of us. (And that I ran away with my tail between my legs, yes I did, but it’s all good.)

Still feel empty and irritable but nothing like earlier this week. Jeff has news on the client front that I’ll let him share when he’s ready.

We’re rewatching Zone Blanche and my very parasocial love affair with the adjutant known as “Nounours” (Teddy Bear, which he is) is renewed.

abovenoted is a tyrannosaurus on a skateboard

Apparently Keith and Paul are off to the States this weekend.

Laundry and fridge duty today I fear.

“Margaret’s Hope” tea from Great Wall Tea tastes like frikkin soap.

(later) I just got off the phone from North York General Hospital and Dave’s been admitted. He’s in room 334 on 3 North. He’s in isolation but I’m hoping to contact him later today as he was asleep just now.

I swore I’d never get on an airplane again. I may break my vow.


Please spare a kindly thought

My friend Dave has also had bad news and he is so ill that his specialist told him to go to the ER. I cannot imagine his state of mind at the moment but Dave if you’re reading this I’ll be thinking of you until the next time I hear from you.

We could have done a shop this morning but I’m in no mood to leave the house. I may go later this morning but right now I have no urge.

Roasted veg scrambled eggs this morning…. damn it was tasty! Had to stop drinking coffee though because I use cream, so it’s tea for me for the foreseeable since cream in tea tastes godawful.




today’s reason to cry

I’m fighting a viral infection according to my bloodwork – let’s just say it came as a complete surprise since no fever, no cough, no real symptoms except gut raunch and I can’t really relate that to illness thanks to how weird my gut has always been – and my liver and kidneys are not working properly. The kidneys part I’m not worried about since I was dehydrated for literally the first time in weeks, but the liver enzymes are worrying.

I’m taking steps but I’m just messed up right now. One of my few consolations is food. I just want to die. (This is what is known as an exaggeration for effect. I want a cessation of effort regarding nourishing food, which is different.)

Keith was here and cooked and fed us beef and bean chili and it continues to be nom. I made biscotti. They turned out excellent, but texturally quite different to what I’m used to since I added the butter to the flour and not the eggs. I now have to get them out of my house before I hurt myself eating half a batch. That should not be a problem. Keith has warned me not to just leave them where Paul can find them; like me he has a hard time not motoring through them.

sawbones today

10:30 appointment. Probably won’t get in until noon. Normally I go across the street and get something from Brown’s Social House but today Keith’s cooking us lunch, so I have to make sure everything he might need to cook is ready to go. Then I’ll show up and EAT. Sounds ideal.

Wordle in three this morning. I should think so, my ancestors would hit me if I didn’t get ‘horse’ in a hurry. gosh did I share the solution? Good thing fewer than ten people read this blog erryday.

Coffee next and some reheated Chinese food. Nom.

Apparently I’m picking up Alex on Friday so Paul and Keith can go to the States to visit Hank and Janice. Good thing I know what to do now! Takes a village, etc.

Yesterday apart from cleaning off the kitchen counter and loading the dishwasher I did nothing. Oh, I practiced. I feel empty and rattling and completely full of leftover wasp nests. I got my February blahs but good. And yet my mood isn’t BAD.  It’s just kinda … blank.



10 billion dollars and no water

Apparently they’re going to build a high speed rail line between LA and Las Vegas, 218 miles. Las Vegas’ ‘dead pool’ number is 895 feet. That means that if Lake Mead’s reservoir drops below 895 feet, there’s no water for the city.

The city is not projected to see those numbers for at least the next three to four years. Plenty of time to manifest some water from, er, somewhere, when they open the rail line in 2025 LOL.

Mega-projects are dead, when will people see it.

The ‘Cop City’ in Atlanta, which is going to tear down an urban forest to put up a training facility for the descendants of patterrollers, had the construction site set on fire yesterday. The cops have already killed a protester there. This is a generational conflict – in the sense that it will go for a generation.

I cleaned the kitchen counters, ran the dishwasher and ordered dim sum for delivery yesterday. NOM. Jeff was less impressed; we did after all grow up with Tak Sun. Mickey Dee’s for brekky this morning.  Otherwise I did not to a damned thing and I slept like a dead thing for half the day. Feel fine now, though. And I spoke to various family members yesterday and we’re all doing okay, which is lovely news all by itself.

Pedro Pascal said that Sarah Michelle Gellar was a complete sweetheart to him during their filming together in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the two of them getting on social media and being nice to each other was the tonic I needed this morning. Parasocial relationships, who can live without them LOLOL.