yesterday Eighth of its name

we didn’t eat until 1:45, but what a meal. Oven baked chicken with onion gravy, oven baked spud cubes and carrots and green beans, fresh prepared. After we watched ‘Currahee’ the first episode of Band of Brothers. Peggy showed up for 2 seconds to give Keith GGma’s knitted sweater back and fled to other errands.

Paul had an excellent time, – he had half a beer, free healthy food, social contact, and the only thing he cared about was Buster making an appearance, he misses his cats so much – but he also showed issues with his illness; as much as he could recount watching TV with the woman across the hall at home, the stairs here were hard on him, and he recounted a tale of being assaulted in the hallway at his residence by two care workers who told him he smelled bad and stripped off his tshirt right there in public. He says he called Ruth to complain and she blew him off and none of that actually sounds plausible. 

Keith was in very high spirits when he arrived but he was exhausted when he left. I know the feeling, but it was a super good visit generally. He was very happy I went to the efforts I did to clean the kitchen, and I did all the clean up afterwards after his half hearted offer to assist, mostly because I move a lot faster. I imagine it’s very annoying to Jeff, but I hate cleaning up at night, I’d far rather do it in the morning when I’m first up and energetic; in this case I attacked everything right away, like the oven sheets and the cast iron pan.

Mike called, and then showed up with equal but even more theatrical result; he brought my birthday present early – a chromebook. I’m currently setting it up, having charged it. I’ll have a computer with nothing personal on it TO TAKE TO THE STATES which is why he gave it to me early. I was blown away and loudly and repeatedly thanked him.

And I didn’t have Alex yesterday, he stayed home with his dad. So I didn’t have to run away in the middle of a conversation to be with him, and that was nice timing too.

I try not to be angry

but oh well, it’s kinda chronic

Today’s the day Alex is wearing coloured contacts as part of a family costume set (he’ll be a zombie, he loves zombies). They’re going trick or treating in Burnaby. I’d love to see them but it’s unlikely.

We won’t give out candy this year. We don’t want it in the house actually. However if it goes on sale after I won’t be responsible etc etc.

Must put away laundry.

Tomorrow Paul and Keith are coming over for lunch and Keith’s going to make lunch. I was over at Suzanne’s yestreen to clip Lucky’s claws. (I showed up, looked at him, pulled out the clippers I brought with me and did all ten front claws so fast he scarcely had time to ding me (I got a miniscule scratch on the palm of my left hand, which healed up overnight) and then we had tea (her new teapot is wonderful, and she always puts out Yorkshire Gold when I arrive) and chatted. Suzanne wryly predicted we wouldn’t actually be eating until 3 o’clock. (Keith pontificates while he cooks, which slows things down considerable and he also said he’ll arrive at noon and walk to the market for fresh ingredients, so you do the math LOLOL) At least I have two beers in the fridge leftover from Leo and can offer them to the boys.

Tonight Jeff is using his Magic Tickets™ and going to a Canuckleheads game, Canucks are 5-2-1 and the Nashville Predators are 4-4-0 so it should at least be a contest rather than a snorefest. He’s taking his friend Rob and I hope they have all the fun, it will be an excellent break.

Editing on Totally Boned is quietly taking place in the background. I am a wordy sumbitch, so I’ve been taking out words.



i am disgust

Just woke up in the middle of my usual sleep cycle, wide awake.

Hopefully I can tire myself out. Did manage to remember that I’ve got wet laundry, so maybe that’s what woke me up (I dreamed the doorbell rang, actually) – I sprang to full consciousness. So I trudged downstairs, Buster mewing at me, to swap the laundry.

Speaking of Buster, I figured out how to ask him to make a choice between two activities yesterday morning. I put the brush down on the floor next to the ‘birdy’ he likes playing with and I said, “Kisses brush, kisses birdy?” and he walked forward RIGHT AWAY and nosed the birdy so I played with him for a while. It was amazing how fast he did it.



apologies if the site is slow

Yesterday was wonderful. We got to talk. Because there were only four of us. I will remember! Out again in a week with more of the gang, at the Faux Bourgeois. I just reviewed the menu and I’m a puddlodrool.

Got there late, of course. Bought an outfit to wear on the way, more or less, because it had occurred to me that I don’t have an uptodate or comfy or hole-free dress to wear to a formal occasion or funeral and good lord I’m 64 I need to be able to dress for a funeral on a moment’s notice. (My long black dress from eShakti is full of holes and going grey and frayed.) However, only Susanne was on time (no surprise there since she ‘carries polish and precision’ into everything she does). Jan was her usual bubbly self, including a hilarious and useful stream of consciousness narrative about hearing aids. Simon himself is a complete pet, with the manner of an enthusiastic guest archaeologist on Time Team with a hush hush job. We didn’t get into Dunnett, but it was lovely to hear of everyone’s travels in Dunnett country.

Anyway Jan was not trying to convince me that after I get back from Portlandia I need to get my hearing tested but I will, since the test is free after 65.

The SUN WAS BLASTING and the swimmers were swimming in the bay and the mountains and the sea and the boats. The food was divine – worth the expense in my view – and I washed it all down with a cup of tea. Very pleasant to sit in the Boathouse and love the world.

Got gas into the car at the station at Clark and 12th, which is easily one of the worst gas stations in the city for how many people want to use it vs how big the goddamned lot is. Managed to get out of there without hitting or being it by anyone.

Completely rewrote the Vancouver Mods song on the way home in the car.

Back again to Vera and a pleasant evening quietly at home.

another glorious fall day in Burnaby

I didn’t leave the house except for Alex and to shop.

Have I told you all how perfect and loveable you are lately?

Happy bday Daddy! You have friends coming and they’ll probably make or bring dinner, so double yay.

Jeff’s feeling a bit better. He’s still getting a pile of work done.

Fish and chips and salad for dinner last night. Leo and Linda got a big bag of fresh fruit for us and now I’m regretting I didn’t do a better job of clearing out the fridge before they got here.

wordle and visitors

I used to post my Wordle score every morning on facebook but I’m not on facebook at the moment.

My score for today: Wordle 856 3/6

What timing! I think I did a great job keeping up with everyone! LOL this is a joke for anyone who did Wordle this morning.

On tap for this morning, now that I’m awake.

Mek kafi Make coffee McCaffey

Just letting you know that learning to cope
with my rejection sensitivity dysphoria
means that I make fun of myself so that it appears other people aren’t hurting me
with their jokes, but even if they think they’re joking, and I act like it,
I’m still hurt. Days later. Sorry for this aspect of my humanity.

Kitchen table and fridge; musical instruments out of the guest room; towels into the guest room; night light into the guest room; shower; tek pills; mek salad. Later pick up some more foodstuffs for meals to make at home while they’re here after consulting  with them.

I am still vibrating with happiness about Peggy coming with us to Orycon. We are going to have truly oooootrajjjjious amounts of fun, I can FEEL IT.

There will be a season 3 Goom Odens. Neil sayeth so, it shall be so.

Thinking about the 1996 storm in Victoria. Damn, but that was a lot of snow.

Thinking about having to reduce my kit, going to the con, if Peggy’s bringing her bass. Mebbe two cars? seems not right somehow.



Leo and Linda here on Monday

So that’s sorted; they’ll go see the fOlks afterward.

I think I am going to compose a rant, a long, excitable and childish rant about parasociality.

I tried something new at IHOP- the breakfast biscuits are nice, but quite salty.

Esther the Wonder Pig has died of natural causes, surrounded by her human dad and family friends, aged 11, at Campbellville, Ontario. She will be missed. Her shop is here.

No Alex today

I hope I use the day well. He’s got a pro-d day.


I could teach about three of those topics but I think I’m going to try to have a mix of singing and knowledge, after I red pencil the schedule with Cindy.

Slash/Back rewatch yesterday. Those Pang girls really are sumfin.

Suzanne was here and the enshinening happened.

Much love to my people this morning!



both rotten

The news … and the weather

10 words on the next Brad and Omar story.

Alex is here and watching videos downstairs. It was so delightful to see Ryker yesterday as briefly as we did. He stuck his head in the collapsible cat house/toy and tried to run around with his head out one side and his butt on the other and me and Alex and Suzanne laughed until we were leaking while Ryker made grizzling WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME noises. He loved watching the pinball. And then he fucking headchecked Alex and practically broke the dear one’s nose. HE IS A BRUTe

I have a great deal on my mind and this is not the venue. I need to find something completely blameless and unexceptional to do, like running the dishwasher. I need to check if the downstairs drain is working properly, this is a lot of fucking rain.

Good Omens fandom

One of the reasons I’m a Good Omens fan is because, WHATEVER THE GENDER PRESENTATION AND SEXUALITY OF THE PEOPLE TAKING LEAD ON MAKING IT, they specifically support gay and trans youth. Tennant and Sheen are also phenomenal actors (Sheen better than Tennant but only because he has a bigger wheelhouse, ie, the universe). But I can’t help but unironically love an actor who gets pinged on twitter and has this to say.

so many other artists and writers came out to dance up and down in agreement.


that’s the kind of energy I want in my life, especially when everything is turning to shit quite this runnily. I guess watching those NOVA programs about how Earth got to be able to be so alive has me going, too.

Alex is here

I’m thinking about Grandmothers in Gaza, holding dead children while the rockets sound. It’s hard not to.

Sent a new mixed media (sort of) poem fragment to Dave this am, wonder what he’ll make of it. It’s called My Advice and it’s advice to anyone born after 2010.

Chicken and Bean burrito WILL BE CONSTRUCTED for snack midmorning (have to adjust around when I’m taking Paul to his appointment.) Looking forward to that, Jeff is a big fan of refried beans!

Just a reminder parental love is unconditional BUT NOT INCONSEQUENTIAL.

made a few stabby efforts at the ‘driving instructor’ fanfic; I’ve been thinking a lot about the next Brad and Omar story, but I’m crying a lot because they have a big fight, which isn’t ‘big’ as in noisy but trust between them is hurt and will need to be rebuilt in their …. er…. idiom.

a former Defence Minister in Israel Moshe Ya-alon says Netanyahu went to war without even letting his cabinet talk to the Chief of Staff of the IDF. As someone who’s served in both capacities if he’s yelling for Netanyahu’s resignation he should be listened to.

list tickle

Alex today hopefully

Paul to an appointment hopefully

Me to eat a vegetable hopefully (part of my whole disordered eating cycle is bouts of time when I can’t face vegetables; it’s meat, sweets, fats, dairy, nuts, carbs and I simply do not want to prepare or eat anything else.)

Marian Martin in 1943 in a devilishly good costume. Scanged from reddit.


you can too!!