The internet is still weird here….

I have gotten approval for my rental application and will be moving May 1st.  Since I hate commuting, it is up the hill from my work.  Keith, I think, was a little annoyed with me for my choice of location since he was hoping to stay in the neighbourhood, but since he did not respond positively to any discussions about moving in with me I was obliged to not include him in my plans.

It turns out that Katie’s in laws DO have bedbugs.  Paul and I bought poly wrapping and tape so they can keep their bedding clean after they wash it and Katie delivered it.  Apparently 15 of the little buggers came out of a pillow when it was put on the balcony to ‘chill’.   They don’t do so good in the cold.

I had bedbugs when I was a kid, and I remember the smell of the insecticide.  Brr.  When I saw the bitemarks on Katie – she always was the tenderest morsel of us lot – I just shook my head and made my pronouncement.  Then we went to the internet and found out that the line of bites they make is macabrely termed “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner”. Pic is from a Creative Commons licensed site and taken by the site owner. Site here.
As far as we can tell, none of  them made it here, and if they did, oh well.  It’s a lot easier to spray in here now with all the crap in the garage, and there’s not a sausage in Katie’s room anymore, she’s long since hauled it all out to the garage.  I would have been bitten by now anyway, as it’s only about a ten foot crawl from her room to mine.

Sarah Michelle Gellar may play Harley Quinn in the new Batman.  I could more or less get next to that.

m0m will be turning up shortly.  Well, longly – she’s doing the harbour to harbour flight, which is awesome when the weather’s good and a bit urpy when not.  Keith’s out the door for Comicon (Paul will be leaving for Seattle with him straight from work).

Heather detailed the bathroom yesterday, so things are pretty shiny clean in there.  My various excesses with respect to lack of sleep (and sleep interruptions, details of which I will politely not enumerate ;P) caught up with me and I slept about 12 hours yesterday.  Now it’s 6:23 and I’m ready for further punishment.


Inertnests not running until now.  I didn’t even know if my previous post got uploaded until now.  Trim almost finished.  Order of service in the can for Sunday.  Have obtained a line on an apartment for May 1 but have not passed the credit and reference check as yet.  I did a lot of weeding and hacking this morning and the beds and yard are more presentable (also removed quite a bit of the normal garbage that blows into your yard when you’re on the end of an alleyway).

Tomorrow, detailing the house.  Ack.

inertnests weirdness

We’re running bareback —- no router…. or is that commando?  I can ne’er tell.  Anyway, the only way we can get the internet to work is without the router.  As Lady Miss Banjola remarked, welcome to malware land, population, you.

I have tons of news, most of it not fit for public consumption, alas, but I guess I can say that there will actually be bonuses at work this year.  I think mine will come to just enough for one really fun bender, but hey, it’s all in the game. I associate work with alcohol, or at least the requirement for same.
Katie and I are off to Ikea to purchase the bed hardware that got lost when the bed was taken down.   Pic is of my brother’s house.  He’s coming to visit soon so I am thinking of him and I miss him more because I know he’s coming.  Does that make sense?

Carpet being laid today

I ran the vacuum over the upstairs, but it’s really hopeless.  Once the underlay comes up, there will be enough dust in the old homestead to decorate a haunted house.  I’m still liking the paint job, but now… the exterior.  When I get home tonight it will be grab the last hour of daylight and police up the front bed, or at least get a start on it. And now to wheedle a pressure washer out of Tom, which shouldn’t be too hard. 

The cats are in full-bore freakout mode.  Kira keeps running to Keith’s room to hide under his bed and it’s….  GONE!


Spitted briefly yesterday with the Dunnettfolk, and picked up my Sheep In Helmets Mug from Ingrid, may she be blessed and adored.  We also watched a wonderful travel video about Venice, which is much mentioned in Dunnett.  May Dee be blessed and adored – she got me to and from the Spit in good order and it was really good to talk with her about the whole ‘dayvorce’ thang.  Pretty much all the Dunnettfolk are never marrieds or long-divorced, either with relentless cheerfulness (à la Jan, who really is almost obscenely cheerful, AND energetic, and she teaches very young kids one third of whom speak no English) or more soberly (à la Dee).  I brought Camembert, and we ate the whole damned wheel.  Oh, and Ingrid BAKED a coffee cake which was the last word in succulence, and she never bakes, so we all felt especially happy about that.

If I talk about the other stuff that happened this weekend, I’ll just cry until I puke, but at least I know that Paul and I have agreed to disagree.  That’s what civilized adults do.