The ultimate challenge

Oh….. my….. Lord.

My brother has thrown down a gauntlet with a challenge of challenges.

He wants me to write a song to replace “The Happy Birthday Song” which is protected by … gulp …. copyright.

Okay, for everybody on this blog who has actually HEARD the Tapioca Song.

Happy Birthday!  Happy Birth…. day!

(Name of person) it’s time for us to celebrate

Happy Birthday!  Happy Birth…day!

Now it is time for you to cut the cake.

That’s the kid version.  But you can also substitute masturbate, find a date (or mate), meet your fate, inebriate, intoxicate, medicate, fly this crate (when it means they can go solo), accelerate (either, as in leave, or drive), hurry up and wait, and I don’t have my rhymin’ dictionary handy but you get the idear.

Sundry and Various

Buffy the Vampire Slayer valentines cards for a buck a pop???? Can such things be????  I have since heavily modified my valentines day list, although I still have a hundred of the blessed things to print out this weekend.

My travel derangements are now set; I’m arriving in TO on the redeye Thursday morning, and then I’m going to hang with some early risers, and then go hang with some not so early risers, and then I’m going to… joy of joys…. hang with the most excellent poet Dave Dowker and my buddy Sandy (aka Chipper on this blog).  You have NO NOTION how much I am looking for’ard to that.

I have sung my scurrilous new song to a variety of people, most of whom found it entertaining.

When Paul took Keith and I to the Chong Lum Hin the other night, Sue the proprietress and her husband fed us traditional Chinese soup … not the menu stuff, but incredibly medicinal soup. I only had a teacup’s worth of broth but it was so loaded with vitamins that I could feel my consciousness shifting.  Also they gave me pea greens with garlic, which is really yummy.  The soup is traditionally given to women who have just given birth, and they laughed their asses off when I innocently asked, “Who had a baby?”


I am completely freaked out about a telephone conversation I had the other day, and all I can do is wait until I talk to the right person and get the story straight.   Phew, okay, that’s dealt with.  I should freak out more slowly or something.  Better now.
In the meantime, I’m the cic at work today and possibly tomorrow, everybody in tech has the crud, and I’m only finished printing out about 1/10th of my company Valentine cards. WHICH I’ll have you know I’m doing at home; I’m not scamming company resources to do it.
After sober consideration I have to give one to the CEO and the CFO, because both have them have spent money on food for me, and you have to acknowledge these things.  And actually the CEO bought me beer one time when I tagged along for a drinking session (hrr…) so he’ll get a really nice one.


I have just learned that John, a family friend who is serving in Afghanistan, is going to receive the Medal for Military Valour for his role in preventing a suicide bombing from taking out his convoy.

This does not surprise me in the slightest.  Anybody who goes winter camping recreationally has little to prove in the way of courage.

Lois news

Sis-in-law Lois has wonderful news; she got to act as a doula for a birth in Brooks, and everything went swimmingly and she managed to get a dentist to pull two very unhappy teeth, so she’s expecting to start feeling really awesome really fast.  Hugs to Lois!

In other news, I am slowly lining up my sleeping derangements in Toronto.  I’m at Tammy’s on Friday and god knows where for the rest of the time.


Dr. Filk won six months of free VoIP so Paul is installing it.  We’re going to keep the land line for the time being – after all that’s the pipeline for the internet, currently – but we’ll be having way cheaper long distance from now on.  So if you live far away, you can expect to hear from me more.