brief whine

I love my American customers, but I have one plaintive plea which I will cast upon an uncaring universe:

Why is that Americans cannot differentiate between zeros and the letter O? How the f*ck do you get to be the biggest military power on earth without knowing that? Canadians don’t seem to have this problem. They know there’s a difference… must get pounded into their heads along with our half baked metric system. I’ll have 454 grams of butter please. Europeans see that and wiz theyselfs laughing at us crazy Canucks.

Hey, did you know Kanaka is Hawaiian for human being? Canuck comes from the Chinook jargon language, which had some Hawaiian words in it because the Wet Coast had a lot of Hawaiians early on. I tellingk you, the mongrelization of Canuckistan started early, and long may it continue. Hey, I quit whining. It’s all good. Go to Wonkette and check out the Bush Cheney mock up stickers. Wake up, Little Uzi, indeed!

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