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Raining again. Katie stood in the kitchen looking out the back deck while a haircurling stream of curses came forth about the weather, and how the second she had to go back to school the weather started to suck.

Working out again tonight. Looks like it will be raining for the next 6 months, so finding appropriate indoor activities is a must. Spoke to Anne from church yesterday and she mentioned she’d been in the hospital briefly for tests and they’d actually put her in the emerg for a while but she’s okay now. What with the fallout from their parking lot accident, and the accident the day of Carmen’s funeral last February, they’ve had an exciting time lately, filled with doctors. None of the accidents were their fault, by the way. Just like my grandad, who drove a lifetime and never caused an accident, but whose back bumper seemed to have “BUTTHEAD ATTRACTANT” painted on it, in a colour only buttheads could see.

Ivan is headed directly for New Orleans, but hurricane tracks are chancy things. The 5 day forecasts have been dead wrong all the way along; we’ll see what happens.

I pray that there will be no fatalities, but given the love affair Americans have with cars and driving in ludicrously bad weather I doubt it. The ports along the Gulf Coast have been closed by the Coast Guard and a stretch of the Mississippi is closed as well. Katie’s friend Ashleigh asked if the Hurricane could come here and I said, kindly, no. Then I wanted to fish out an atlas and lecture her, but I didn’t take lectures too well when I was her age, so I kept shut.

Katie’s teacher Kelly took her camera away yesterday but gave it back. Katie sounded completely outraged which means she was probably being quite inappropriate with its use during school hours.

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