comfy cactus cat

Comfy Cactus Cat
2005-03-11— Posted by: allegra

It’s Darla. Cute kitty day for Allegra.

damn, she’s cute
2005-03-11— Posted by: allegra

Winky, in a very typical pose. As Mike wryly remarked, who needs a pet carrier….

upgrade my baloney detector, puhlease.
2005-03-11— Posted by: allegra

Thanks to thatcoloredfellasweblog for the link. I have the Baloney Detector on my desktops, but this is even bettah.

enough sleep
2005-03-11— Posted by: allegra

Good things are slowly taking shape in my life. Wish my ‘mono no aware’ wasn’t cranked up quite so high, though.

all the trees are having sex
2005-03-11— Posted by: allegra

I am considering my next move (although I’m not on my aunt Faye’s couch <—- warning warning PopCultRef.) Should I seek to obtain the imprimatur of Time Magazine as the World’s Most Disgusting Woman? Should I retire to a hut and catch up on my World of Chastity subscription? Perhaps I should go door to door trying to raise money for the Revoluccion? ‘Course, guns make it easier. Should I convert to the Cult of Cthulhu, just in time to collect some eyeballs for the Old Ones’ return? Perhaps I should find a nice hill and contemplate clouds for a while, by myself. Actually, that would almost be nice. Okay, put that one in the almost nice pile.

Sporadically spontaneous. Believe it or not, about 60 seconds ago that’s how Katie characterized herself (after using her brother as a walking dictionary). Very funny. It’s like that all the bloody time around here now. Like living in a sitcom except for watching the implied sex, well, you get the idea.

Hey MOM. If I say Telefunken H-bomb, does it make you inadvertently smile? Isn’t memory weird? For those on the other side of the reference, it’s from an LP we listened to as a young family.

Arden came into the office today, and he’s so cute and lively and cheerful… Can you believe I resisted grabbing him? I knew he’d get grabbed sixteen ways from Sunday that day (and one of the guys who wants pregnancy vibes OBVIOUSLY let him sit in his lap….extremely funny, all that body language.)

The new guy is a woodworker; it’s like there’s a quota or something. I told him the anecdote about the motorcycle engine and the kitchen table and your boss, Mom. He laughed.

Thanks to Grant for triggering the thought that I should do a standup routine about teaching Americans to do customer service for Canuckiphones. “Everybody! after me; calice! tabernac! Ah, good, good, they’ll think you’re natives in no time.” Enough about that. I’m off to Circle tonight…. but Paul isn’t home yet – he should cruise in within ten minutes.

It was good to see P.D. at the ‘Corn last night.

There’s a ‘shopped pic of an 11 engined aircraft on my desktop. I have no certainty who put it there, but I suspect Paul’s got something to do with it.

Katie has drifted ever closer to wanting a bass. A big red one. Wait till she finds out how heavy those sonsabitches are.

I hear a car door, gotta run. Ooops, front door open. Caught with my blog down, yet again……..

2005-03-11— Posted by: allegra

Louis Farrakhan is doing outreach to the Black Gay community? Inviting them to march on Washington? Saying they’ve been marginalized within a marginalized community???? I’m rubbing my eyes and wondering if I should file this under Apocalyptic Signs.

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