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2005-03-10— Posted by: allegra

Here’s a gallery of advertising art for psychiatric medication. Japanese style.


Link courtesy of screenhead.com, which I highly recommend.

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2005-03-10— Posted by: allegra

I’ve been reading to Paul from Don Miguel Ruiz’ The Four Agreements. It’s great bedtime reading; he either falls asleep, which he needs desperately, or it gives him much needed food for thought.

I promised my coworkers faithfully that I wouldn’t talk about work, so I just went back and deleted the last two paragraphs. It was positive, upbeat and wouldn’t have adversely affected our share prices, but these are parlous times, so I won’t.say.a.word.

Went to the Abercorn “Children of the Corn” open mic in Richmond. It’s run by Lesley Alexander, who has a nice voice, a wonderful Gibson, and is a fabulous host. As I had suspected would happen I went first after the host, and debuted, in public, before an awestruck audience of perhaps twenty beer swilling souls – the TAPIOCA SONG. Folks were singing along before the end, but it is infectious, so there you go. Wash your hands before you rub your eyes! Between the pathogens, the grease and the jalapenos, it’s always a good idea. Also played Lifeline. Very happy to go up there and sing (worked VERY hard on standing, moving, singing and pattering properly, but Paul was running on 3 hours sleep so we baled at 10:16.

I’m in a great mood this morning. Wonder what earthly delights await at the office. Hey, I said I wouldn’t talk about work, but what if I like my job, like my company and think I’m doing something that makes money and the world a better place at the same time? (Okay, cue up JLo whispering “Is that a crime?” from that hit of hers “That Song” a couple years back. I can do dat popcultref wit’ da woist of dem.) Yesterday I told a coworker that he was a wretched and cynical burnt out hulk and he placidly agreed with me. I didn’t tell him what I really think, which is that he has the most amazing eyelashes (and voice) of anybody I work with… because it’s a respectful workplace. Much better to be verbally abusive than complimentary, it looks better in court. And besides, it’s like grade school….. If I am going to go to the trouble of verbally abusing you, it just means I (gasp!) like you, cooties and all.

Still looking for video of female triplets who sing and do acrobatics. I saw some when I was a kid, and I’m thinking that would really make me happy right about now. I’ve decided to be grossly self indulgent. I remember it was really really bad. They couldn’t sing, and their acrobatics were creepy.

In the process of looking for acrobatic singing vaudeville triplets, I tripletted across something else. Whatever you do, don’t visit limbermen.com. You may end up doing something undignified with your coffee.

I also found somebody who’s put together a list of all the movies that have contortionism in them. It is quite unintentionally funny, but I don’t have the link handy. My thumbs used to be double jointed, does that count? I go contort myself now. Thank you. I’ll be here ’til Tuesday.

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