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2005-03-09— Posted by: allegra

It’s bad enough that she spawned me, lo these many years ago (and don’t remind ‘er of how old her oldest kid is) but then I have to go and make fun of yodelling. She sends me an email, all confused-like and says, but I LIKE yodelling, and so I had to do the soothing/patting thing. Personally I like yodelling too; not so much that I’d pay to see somebody do it though. It kinda reminds me of my white heritage. Okay, cue up the worst segue in history…..Like this site here (WARNING – CONTAINS EXTREMELY DISTURBING IMAGES AND WORDS; RACISM, SEXISM, VIOLENCE and really bad cartooning)


Now you can ask why I would post a link to a gallery of White Power cartoons, and the answer is simple. This is my blog, and if I want to, I can. (NOTE: I actually laughed at one of these cartoons, although probly not for the reason the artist intended.) I was actually thinking of reposting one of the cartoons, but the link will have to do.

I have tried very hard to understand the mentality of people who are racists, as well as to come to terms with my own racism. Unlike a lot of pink people, I don’t pretend I’m not a racist. I just try to keep what I think and what I do separate, and I try to remember that being white in Canada is like winning a lottery because somebody tucked the right ticket in your diaper at birth. So I’d like to thank my mother for making me so very pink. I know it was unintentional, but really, it’s been great so far. I understand my colour will change as I get older; c’est la guerre. Anyway, the real reason I posted it is because I’ve been popping off about my life instead of talking about how the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Canada Erwach! And one of the cartoons in the pile is specifically directed at people like me, so I realized that as far as the white power people are concerned, I’m dead, come the “day of reckoning”; it’s nice to know that on that day, I’ll be counted with all the other ‘racist slurs’.

Believe it or not, the dog in the picture is having a good time.

dibs on the drumstick
2005-03-09— Posted by: allegra

This is supposedly an album cover.

greetings from Bonaire
2005-03-09— Posted by: allegra

My dear friend Tammy took this underwater pic in Bonaire. A while back, not recently. I’m gonna eat you little fishies……

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