Schiavo vs Hudson

Now I am not trying to say that a white Florida woman has more value than a black Texan baby. I’ll let YOU be the judge of that. But just think, if a judge in Texas says to the hospital, you’re right, this kid should die, what is a human life worth anywhere in the US? And don’t forget, George W. Bush put his own goddamned pen to the execution orders for over 150 men and women during his stint as Governor of Texas, including, in at least one case, a man who was given demonstrably incompetent legal help (the lawyer slept through portions of the trial.)

(2019 says look up Terry Schiavo on Wikipedia, ’cause the article I’m referencing below is gone….)

Interesting, eh? The very spareness of the description of events, most of which point to a complete hijacking of the justice system, is heart wrenching. Of particular interest are the opening ten or so paragraphs, which lay the foundation for what follows. What happened to Mrs. Schiavo was a family tragedy. Now her parents are accusing Mr. Schiavo of murdering her! But if you look at the timeline, they tried to bring her home for three weeks early in her ‘convalescence’ and couldn’t do it, so they have guilt as well as all of the other issues to deal with…. Okay, folks, time for an exercise in comparative ethics. Warning, the little baby in the picture from the article below is grossly deformed…. and didn’t have 600 K US$ in a trust account at the time of his death.

(This story is gone too)

I light a candle for the Schiavos and the Schindlers, and I light a candle for Wanda Hudson.

I also light a candle for Peter T, who, when I said I was keeping a candle lit in my heart for him, said in his trademark puckish way, and in his wonderful South African accent, “But you’ll be putting it out before bedtime?” Bless all those who keep a sense of perspective and where feasible, a sense of humour.

2019 says he’s the guy I got Miss Margot from.

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