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2005-03-27— Posted by: allegra

I’m recording later today… actually I kinda have to kick ass and get out of here cause I’m sposed to be there for 11 and pd’s got more people coming at 3. Keith has announced that we are out of essentials like crackers, milk and coffee. Saw Ray at Glen & Maggie’s last night on Pay per View. That was a very good movie… nice to know Hollywood hasn’t forgotten how. Glen also recommends D’lovely and My Life as a House when we get around to it.

The dejunking continues, another bag o clothes (Paul actually got rid of some clothes, may wonders never cease) and all the beer bottles from the last three months.

Saw the pics from Susanne’s trip to Edinburgh, Paris, Bruges, Rye, London and Bath yesterday. So we saw lots of pictures of places that our favourite characters, being Lymond and his alterego Nicco would have seen….

I don’t know what Zeek! thinks he’s going to excavate out of the cat box, but he’s sure been at it long enough. Now he’s crying, probably to be let out.

I’ve had head pain (not what I consider a headache) pretty much continuously for weeks now. Maybe I’m about to have a stroke! It would be too much to hope for, if I did have a stroke, that it would kill me. Time to work up a living will. Further to the Schiavo tragedy, living wills are big business for lawyers all over north America right now… and so they should be. Virtually every adult I’ve ever spoken to on the subject would rather be dead than vegetative, and I know at least two people who would beg to be shot rather than go there. There’s nothing like watching a formerly lively and intelligent loved one turn into an expensive set of reflexes to fix this idea in your mind. It sure makes for interesting domestic conversations.

Just read that the NRA, in a search for “all options” to prevent school schootings has recommended that school boards consider allowing teachers to carry weapons. Uh, yeah. I really want a horny 26 year old teacher, hip deep in luscious flesh, to be carrying a weapon. “You WILL bring in your homework, won’t you?” “You will come out to my car and do a line with me, won’t you?” “You will (sexual shenanigans) with me, won’t you?” “You will bring your friend to film the (sexual shenanigans) so I can post it to the internet, won’t you?” Ah yes, guns in school will be very educational, indeed. I’d like to thank the NRA for being so progressive about the other kind of chickenhawk, though, that was an added bonus. Or maybe, like most reasonable people, they’d rather that people get jiggy than fight? Even if it represents a tragic imbalance between adult and child? After all, it’s usually the kid in these situations who figures that the adult is career toast and the kid’s the sad victim, which must add oceans of piquancy to the sex. Doomed tragic forbidden love is so very very hot.

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