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2005-03-04— Posted by: allegra

Thrilled out of my mind to report that I recorded with Paul W. last night in his studio/apartment on Fraser, and OH MY HEAVENS. In three hours we got a demo song, which includes a voice track, two mando tracks, one acoustic guitar track, one slide guitar track (oooo tasty!), one bass track and some delightful sixties style organ – and this includes the effing and effing about as well as the rough mix at the end. Holy crap! I thought Gomi was fast – and he is! – but Paul W, despite being almost as relaxed to work with, moves with BLINDING SPEED (he uses Cubase). We recorded Lifeline and it came out GREAT. Yes, I need to re-record the vocal track, but I don’t care. Big big BIG shout out to Mike for telling me about him and an ecstatic candle of joy for Paul W for being totally amazing to work with and to Paul for ponying up the cash. Pic is from one of Paul W.’s CD covers. Heard some of his stuff last night, I was impressed as hell. Crowded evening, wot?

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