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2005-03-03— Posted by: allegra

Today I think I’ll wear purple to the apocalypse, although it does involve ironing, something I usually try to avoid. Big shout out to my mom and Tom and Peggy for the spiritual and practical support during this exceedingly trying time.

Tried to hook up with Rob and Lexi last night to give them the money they are owed but was not successful. The Write from the Heart workshop was interesting and got me thinking about a lot of things.

Watching “Once More, With Feeling” as many times as I have now has shaken a few things loose. I ended up writing an extremely poppy (adult contemporary, may the Holy Virgin intercede on my behalf) and somewhat jazz inflected tune. It’s like being possessed. I can’t do anything else until it’s done, and then there’s DJD in my mental background – he’s always there, he never bloody goes away, it’s like being haunted – asking me sternly where the bridge to the song is. Or maybe not sternly. Maybe quizzically, or ‘in the spirit of earnest enquiry’. So although I hate bridges (I do, I’m opposed to them as being unnecessary) I had to write one anyway. That was Monday, or maybe Tuesday, and I was at work when the loa took me. (Didn’t take long, thank heaven). Then I texted Katie with the first 4 lines – no room for more – and finally, after writing the song on Tuesday, got to sing it for her last night (because I sort of wrote it for her and Daxus). It’s very cute and I didn’t do any of the usual “aren’t I good with words and look at what heroic efforts I made to ensure my rhyme schemes aren’t boring and the words match the melody perfectly and everything scans even when you aren’t singing it” crap that I normally pull when I’m writing lyrics – tried to make it so simple that it COULD have been written by somebody else. I believe I was successful. And off to the studio tonight. Ha ha, he has a Larrivee. Take that.

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