inertnests weirdness

We’re running bareback —- no router…. or is that commando?  I can ne’er tell.  Anyway, the only way we can get the internet to work is without the router.  As Lady Miss Banjola remarked, welcome to malware land, population, you.

I have tons of news, most of it not fit for public consumption, alas, but I guess I can say that there will actually be bonuses at work this year.  I think mine will come to just enough for one really fun bender, but hey, it’s all in the game. I associate work with alcohol, or at least the requirement for same.
Katie and I are off to Ikea to purchase the bed hardware that got lost when the bed was taken down.   Pic is of my brother’s house.  He’s coming to visit soon so I am thinking of him and I miss him more because I know he’s coming.  Does that make sense?

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2 thoughts on “inertnests weirdness”

  1. Odd how small the house looks when in reality it is huge! Doesn’t do justice to the garden either. Of course it makes sense, about missing your brother. You think of him more often knowing he’s about to turn up, and every thought brings missing with it.
    Your connection problem showed up here – couldn’t get your site in spite of several tries until just now.

  2. I hope you put a couple of pictures of your house up on your blog when you are all done. We ordered a Linksys Router for our Dell computer — why doesn’t Dell sell a Dell Router for their Dell computer?? The trouble is we only use it when Jenn comes home from university with her laptop and I’m the one that gets stuck on the phone back and forth with Dell and Lynksys trying to get it up and running. I’ve both forgotten how to fix it myself or where the instructions are from the last time.

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