Yesterday I cleaned, painted trim (1st coat) and moved crap around.  Tom and Peggy fed me and Martha (may she (many years hence) inhabit a cushy cloud in the Hesht Behesht) gave me about fifteen minutes of neck and shoulder work, which I desperately needed.

Work is rapidly improving over my last grumpy post on the matter.  There has been, as they say, a sea-change. 

Tonight I put on the second coat and go to the puddle with Tom and Peggy and anybody else we can inveigle into going.

Glenn and Maggie were here last night as well to eat with Paul and Keith and Unca Dave, and they were still here when I got back from Tom and Peggy’s, so I got in a nice visit with them.


Man does the place look better…. the ceilings are shiny and clean!

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4 thoughts on “Trim”

  1. I think we may have solved the painting problem at The Gadget House by covering the walls with immovable stuff, like built-in bookcases. I don’t think I could handle repainting everything. The very idea fills me with Lovecraftian dread and terror.

  2. Isn’t it funny how we get our home just the way we want it and then we sell. This poor house deserves so much more than our last house and yet we give it very little — no fresh paint, no repair to the sunken front walkway and not a stitch of insulation in the basement walls — and do remember we live in Ottawa! The main level floors are like walking on ice and their is a small skating rink where our front walkway should be. I saved pictures of our last house when it reached show condition — maybe you can take some pictures too. Good luck with the apartment tomorrow.

  3. Also, very good idea from Nautilus3. I think I will see if we have any walls that can be converted into bookshelves.

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