Still no internet at home – Telus is actually sending someone out

But the new computer is sweet and it’s amazing how much faster you get where you’re going.  It too came with a remote, which works great.  Some of the software on it – like Garage Band and Comic Life – looks intriguing.  It also looks like I can just plug my Midi keyboard into the computer without worrying about software.  This is amazing.

I have already taken the liberty of creating an account for Keith.

I listened to the SFU Pipe band practice last night.  I can’t tell you what it’s like to sit in a beautiful room and listen to the pipes (at a suitable distance, of course…) while messing about with a new computer.

I found a single lonely DVD in with my moving crap, and watched the first half of Hunt for Red October last night.  Unpacked about half a dozen boxes last night and I swear half of it was landfill that I paid somebody to sling around.  Ve Grow Too Soon Oldt und Too Late Schmart.

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6 thoughts on “Still no internet at home – Telus is actually sending someone out”

  1. Any chance the cables/wiring for internet service within your building are not up to current code levels?

  2. You joking? This building is so up to code it’s freaking scary. I think it’s the modem, strangely enough. It had been getting slower and slower to get ‘all lights green’ and finally quit getting an ACT light on Sunday morning last.

  3. See, it wasn’t the computer. Pipe band? AAAAAck! I think that bugs bunny said it best, “why is that ugly old lady biting that cat’s tail?” On the subject of computers, may I persuade you to install a router between the modem and the computer. Makes your computer much harder to hack into.

  4. Nice that you found The Hunt For Red October FIRST! I have watched that movie many times. It is SO optimistic about the world and Sean Connery is major adorable. For extra points, in what movie did those adjectives first get combined?

  5. Compromising Positions, 1985. Like I was going to let THAT go by.

    Yes pOp, I will get a router, eventually. First I get better speakers. Whoo ee.

  6. OK, I can’t believe it!!! First I thought Nautilus3 was an older (than Allegra) male relative. Now I just found out the person who I thought was a female friend of Allegra is actually her father. WOW!!! I guess I’m just not good with secret names.

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