4 thoughts on “Cognitive Biases”

  1. Yes. Realizing that even knowing that something that you believe isn’t true and that you nevertheless still believe it can be a really head spinning moment.

  2. Human judgment is based on SUCH shaky foundations!

    And I strongly support any effort which draws attention to Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit.

    Here is my clerihew about Carl.

    Carl Sagan
    An avowed pagan,
    Amused millions
    With his apocryphal billions and billions.

  3. The stages of understanding go like this:
    -unconsciously incompetent
    -consciously incompetent
    -consciously competent
    -unconsciously competent
    I hazard to guess only a handful of people have ever made it to the last stage — Jesus is one that comes to mind.

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