Workt round house

Painted Dr. Filk’s kitchen, did the upstairs trim touchup, upstairs linen closet as it was the ONLY thing upstairs that makes you jump when you look at it, (partial, more tonight), vacuumed out the dungeon storage room, got the headboard into the garage, helped Katie find stuff, took three boxes home (groan, where am I going to PUT this crud??? – actually it’s already unpacked) and worked with Paul on the separation agreement a little.  Katie showed up, heard my voice, burst into tears and flung herself into my arms; Paul took her back to his new place to help her look for cds. Keith did part of the lawn but he’s still really sore from his Parkour workout last week and didn’t even go to karate last night. Hauled two HUGE bags of garbage from my apartment this morning. Saw some orange (Like, dayglo orange) bees on the way to work and then noticed that there were half a dozen sunning themselves and getting ready to work for the day. I light candles for expectant mothers, my girlfriend Tammy, and for my mom in hopes she will be able to prevent a bunch of family papers from vanishing now that an elderly relative has gone to a home. I love Patrick O’Brian novels, they repay re-reading quite as much as Dunnett novels do. Internet today, with luck.

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3 thoughts on “Workt round house”

  1. Have you tried the creamy white version of VIM with bleach? Also, CLR from Canadian Tire?

  2. CLR didn’t touch it. It’s unbelievably – uh – brown and sort of sticky, yet it doesn’t scrap off with a brush. Bleach didn’t help. It’s not a stain, it’s an encrustation of something. Really SF-y. bleagh. I’m thinking of scraping some off and sending it out for analysis, honest to god.

  3. Sounds like something industrial, like something a builder or construction worker or Mr. Fix It husband might use. We have some on our M/B ensuite counter top in about the shape of a coffee cup, but I bet it was a small can of some kind of glue AND the builder blamed it on us. I was able to remove everything but the stain which I will just have to live with. The cream version of VIM was able to remove what I think was milk from our back patio door (which had been baked on by the sun) after everything else failed — we now use it regularly on the outside of the south-facing patio door. Maybe Terpentine would work, if you could pour it into the emptied toilet bowl full strength (or Varsol), let in stand and then scrape it off? It’s good for removing paint and some adhesives. I think Terpentine is more effective, but Varsol is cheaper. (CLR is intended for Calcium, Lime & Rust removal.) It may come down to analysis or a new toilet (whichever is cheaper).

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