good points and the best part is the comments

The “niliverse” comes to light.  I have already kicked the Cato Institute for not taking the long view, but this is also interesting.

Remember folks, it’s all about the breeding rights.  If lying allows you to control more resources, and your resources allow you to access a richer / prettier / better connected breeding partner (or hell, partners), you will do it, because it’s a genetically viable option.

BUT if you’re not a Repoopagain duckwit with a sense of entitlement even bigger than mine (and that’s making a statement…) you will eckshully consider the downline costs to your grands and great grands.  So it’s the same game, played out by people with different timelines.  Those crazy capitalism-constricting econuts are thinking about breeding rights, but not with their gonads….

Oh, and did you hear that Cindy Sheehan quit!?  Good for her!  She found out the hard way that the Democraps are just as inclined to bail on their promises as the Repulsagains.

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