ahem. More messing about in boats, er, computers.

Me and Peggy:

Okay, so I figured out how to post pix but they resize so that I looked like I was a second string member of the Addams Family, (thus the thumbnail) or attempt to take over the blogroll while erasing Peggy from the pic, and I actually have to pound the html code to post the pic, because the little utility bar that lets you post links etc etc has utterly vanished. So although the internet has NOT been particularly helpful about fixing this, I now believe there are a couple of things I need to install before I can get the toolbar back, and I really want somebody holding my hand for the procedure. In the meantime I have a workaround.

Me and Peggy (messed up version):

I gotta wash dishes and get outta here, I owe work some serious hours with all of my messing about with Telus.

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One thought on “ahem. More messing about in boats, er, computers.”

  1. Perhaps your header was a subconscious derivation of Wind in the Willows. Your place is heavily treed – perhaps willows? consequently your computer messing about evokes Toad and Badger and company.
    A stretch, perhaps, but I seem to be into stream-of-consciousness today.

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