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I am off to the Augur Inn for more cleaning, and then a visit with Gail.  Hope everybody has a great day – the weather is simply glorious.  Which means, of course, that the chances are very good that I will be sitting on the administrative side of a table in a reception center after the Fraser floods….  Pray that it cools down and doesn’t rain too much….. or that we just get lucky.  The disaster planners are thinking about numbers that are just mind croggling.

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  1. Weather is glorious here too, and no rain for the last fivedays, or for the next five days if the met people are to be believed. Which means, I need to start the round of container watering. The summer dry season has set in.
    One of the benefits of being on an island is that the rivers are very short hence downstream is little affected (except of course by pollution) with what happens upstream. Not so the Fraser Valley…
    Speaking of weather I read in the Saskatchewan Encyclopedia (online) that the worst dry spell in Saskatchewan was NOT the dirty thirties, but a piece of time in the eighties. That there wasn’t another dust bowl is, it seems, attributable to better land management. Curious – we don’t EXPECT to learn from history, and along comes an occasion when we have done.

  2. In Canada, we are worried about Vancouver’s century flood. Strangely, Australia is suffering from a century drought. Beautiful gardens have turned into dust and dirt and water rationing is severe — some are using bath/ shower water to give what little they can to their lawns and gardens. Too bad some of the water can’t be diverted to where it’s needed. For example, a tunnel through the mountain into the Okanagan Valley — they’d be happy to take your extra water.

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