But ours is a love that can never be fulfilled….

Full marks if you get the movie reference.

Photo credit Getty.  The little horse is called Thumbelina.  She actually is more of a freak of nature than the big one, being a midget version of a miniature horse.  The big one is Radar, he’s a Belgian draft horse and he hails from Texas,  natch.


The rude awakening

At 1:52 this morning some bozoid rang my buzzer (which makes my phone ring, like less than two feet from my head) and said, and I quote, “I’m a good friend of the guy who lives in 431. Can you let me in?” In sepulchral tones, I replied, “I have no idea who you’re talking about” and hung up.

I’ve a mind to go abuse the guy in 431, but I won’t, he didn’t do anything.

I released two Bookcrossing books yesterday… they are gone! I am happy.

Paul and I had supper at the Himalaya last night to celebrate the fact that the house actually closed. He also brought me the camping equipment, for which I’d like to thank him. Baumfest tonight! No blogging from now until at least noon Friday unless somebody’s got wireless.