Rocked out article on skepticism

Thank you thank you Skeptical Inquirer

Instant corollary – no Bible believing Christian actually can believe everything in the Bible because of the internal inconsistences.  We are all on the same side of that divide, folks.  Whether we’re skeptics or not, knowing is imperfect.

I’ve had a quiet time to myself to actually think about my belief systems, and how it relates to what I want.  Wouldn’t it make sense for me to invent a belief system whereby I get to believe the things I want to believe?

I believe that God was invented because humans do bad (reproductively competitive) things to each other. Those on the  receiving end of the bad behaviour wanted a fix where there wasn’t one.   In ape troupes there’s always the threat of the restoration of order by the meanest, strongest or closest ape up the chain o’ being…. when we got sophisticated in our use of language, the concept of the ‘ever present boss ape’ stepped out of our heads and became God.  God will punish you for the bad things you’ve done!!  There now, don’t you feel less helpless?  Your big invisible friend will help.

But somethin’ fckd up majorly along the way.  Cosmology and physics are conspiring to drive us through God’s gate, little skeptical sheep who do not believe the gate is there and are convinced it’s a cliff.  Run away, run away little sheep!  God will get you.

I don’t believe in a personal God… I find the idea ludicrous. I do believe in the essential unity of all things, a unity in matter, which needs affect consciousness.  (Matter wants to be conscious… consciousness requires matter).  I don’t believe anything I currently enjoy about my body will survive my death; I do believe that what I’ve DONE will survive, to the extent anything can survive on this fragile ball of mud.  To restate, some poor bastard will be wishing they never heard the tapioca song a hundred years from now, and curse the anonymous female who wrote it.  And there may be little hazel eyed three year old girls who can’t keep their clothes on  stalking critters at the beach, who have a  big  chunk of my DNA.  But that’s it for my survival.   Peggy has said, about  the existence of God, that she’s not sure it’s a meaningful question.  I’m standing over there, with her.

Got to get over to Paul’s today

and email myself all of my songs….  I have a request for one of my tunes from one of the guys out at Jericho so I need to scrape them off the hard drive and send them over to myself.  I thought I had actually backed them up, but I was wrong.

Tonight, Thai food with Keith & rest of famille.

Today, arranging books.  I have figured out how I’m going to do that now; it only took me nine weeks.