Sundry and Various

Muriel P died on Friday.  I talked to Jim P tonight and he’s doing okay; he and Carly are going to Ottawa for the memorial service on Friday.

I didn’t know her at all, and only met her twice, once when Keith was weeks old, and once at her husband’s funeral.

I am working on a long poem called (the difficulties).

Jeff and I nearly ran over a deer yesterday in Jeff’s car – a young buck wandering across the Gaglardi/University Drive East intersection (and about 30 meters from the last place I nearly hit a deer myself, on the ramp in a thick fog.  Did I jump!).  Jim and Jan have a cougar story, but I’d prefer them to tell the story, so I’ll wait until they send it to me 😉

The sunset is so stunning I nearly burst into tears when I saw it.  I am absurdly sensitive to colours and scenery these days, it’s like everything was turned up maximum gain.

I am so glad to be writing again, and I practiced mandolin for about 45 minutes tonight, too.

Actually bought fresh fruits and vegetables and ATE THEM.  It’s driving me nuts, I’m point two of a pound away from breaking 180.  Hopefully quitting coffee, with all that cream and sugar, will push things in the right direction.

Jeff is here

So about thirty seconds after I went all finger-in-my-eye about Keith not turning up, Jeff turned up MOST unexpectedly and we had a quiet evening of communing about the Aubrey Maturin books and playing with the Mac – he turned me on to another internet radio station called Groove Salad which I much enjoyed.

I have now worked out two mornings in a row and my shoulders feel all trembly from the reps.

Jeff has agreed to take Katie to the ferry this morning. She will meet up with her brother and grands on the other side.