Lady Miss Banjola is a hurtin’ unit

She broke some bones coming off Jake (her scooter) but is expected to make a full recovery.  Dr Filk has flown to her side to render aid and comfort to the stricken. And make sure she takes her irony supplements – without which, life is completely meaningless, hein?
I am at Planet Bachelor (Paul and Keith’s new digs) for supper, having trundled Keith’s B-day prezzies over here, and we are anxiously awaiting Miss Katie, who’s off work now.

I am still in a very thoughtful mood.  Watching the sun go down yesterday felt really good, and I, like a fool, have commenced the deep thinking that accompanies the start of a new, long poem.

There’s Katie, gotta run.

Food & drink

Me, Mike McG and Patricia wandered around the west end, but mostly ate and drank and sat on the beach.  Vancouver, this time of year, by the water… sunset….. it was all very wonderful.  I was much quieter than usual but I’m not thinking this was a bad thing.  I have a lot on my mind.