Fan boy freakout

It was with a certain resigned annoyance that I had to listen  to Keith’s tirade about everything that was wrong with the fifth Harry Potter movie.  I paid for it, after all.  Finally I told him to go away, thinking that he would have perhaps have calmed down when I see him again tomorrow.  He bumped into me and Katie later and apologized by handing over a can of V8, which I have to admit served better than an apology in many respects.  Katie and I much enjoyed it, thanks.  A lot of the little touches were exactly right.

“It’s a franchise cash cow – some movies are better left unmade – honk, snort, woof.”

This is what I wrote in the Sabir Sisters guestbook

On 17 July 2007 I saw them perform at the Jericho Beach Folk Club.  For energy, musicianship, the pace of the show and the sheer and evident delight they take in performing with each other, I have never seen their equal. I highly recommend one of their shows, and sit close, so you don’t miss a thing.

that was a berloody awesome show, and I won’t miss a chance to see them again.