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  1. What seems to have eluded the writer is the fact that men and women are…………different! It is very hard to escape what is in our genes. This isn’t meant as an excuse, merely an explanation. I think that the loss for men is almost as great as it is for women. Most men never know the tremendous pleasure and satisfaction that comes from being in a relationship with a woman who is a partner, friend, and equal. There have been societies where men and women were equal, like Sparta. This was mainly achieved in Sparta by institutionalizing homosexuality and severely limiting heterosexual sex to reproduction only.

  2. I feel sorry for men, because so many of them obviously display a distinct lack of brains. It’s sort of fits into your next posting about my customers. Also makes me think of a tidbit you passed to me years ago about the Y chromosome carrying the mutations of the human race.

  3. Men aren’t carrying all of them.

    I happen to like men. Testosterone seems to be the chore hormone and shit just wouldn’t happen without it. But it’s not a nurturing hormone, and sooner or later we all want to be nurtured. Once upon a time we were hunter gatherers. Without the men the women didn’t have meat to make better babies with, and without the women then men didn’t have roots for when the game was scarce. We needed each other, and our lives were about equally hard.

    Then we domesticated animals, and that’s when things began to really screw up.

    Much blood has gone under the bridge since of course, and only fools want to go back that place. I just don’t see us as a species living in a place where equality based in our selves, our natures, is ever going to happen. All we have at the moment is equality based on ink and folkways, and that can get swept away in a single mass struggle.

  4. Loki, eloquent as always, I think you have hit the nail on the head. You and I were posting at almost the same moment; I was sort of saying the same thing. Allegra, I also like men. However, the older and more skilled and big brained I get, I find that the single ones I meet behave more like the ones in the ‘feminine commentary’ though not as harsh. It is not just because I am in the land of uncle/dad. It is because something has been missed in their maturing, and they have not yet learned to give a woman credit, still believe she is ‘less than a man’.
    And obviously not all the mutations are carried in the males. We all know women who are obviously mutants.

  5. First of all, I hate war, uniforms or anything military. I would never have enlisted in any level or kind of military-like operation. If I found myself in the writer’s position, I would have found the environment absolutely unacceptable and would have left. Of course, there are companies where these attitudes prevail, I would and have left them too. I was fortunate enough to work for a division within the Federal Government that did not permit this type of behaviour. It probably helped that most of the men and women had equal education. I did brush up against this attitude while working with the odd client division. My division just moved me out and a man in without me uttering a word — I was in no way sad about this. These were divisions running under archaic management and no benefit to career was to be had here. I feel terrible for any woman that has to work under these conditions.

    On a social level, I would either find another place to play or “play alone” — a night at home with a good book isn’t such a bad thing. The only situation I find hard to avoid completely is my own father. I keep the visits brief and if need be my husband runs interference. The same strategy applies — walk out the door, get into my car and drive away.

  6. Hey Debbie, I play alone almost all the time. Hve for years. And, as I have explained in other situations, it just fuels the smart/dumb gap, and the male/female gap that I experience. I read science magazines for fun.

    It is great that you find yourself if a scenario where the solution is as simple as walking out the door. Seeing as I work at home, I don’t think it is right for me to leave when I have an oppressive situation in my face.

    I too am a peace lover, and have dodged being corporately employed my entire life. I have made my own way, including income, for 25 years. Never have I intended to put myself in a place where I would have to put up with such crap. But crap happens.

  7. ‘Morning Chipper. No, it’s not as effective when you are walking out your own door — unless it is to flee a dangerous situation. I’ve been thinking of using my e-mail address in our small aviary as a primary means of communication to screen new customers. And I know of one dog kennel (Doggie Spa) that is fully booked year round with well-behaved animals by well-behaved clients — contrary clients find the kennel is booked to capacity when they try to book again.

    I wish my strategies worked for my daughter BUT she cannot stand to play alone.

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