4 thoughts on “Chinese recall list”

  1. Comments from Spence … yes, China bites…..Nortel has decided to have some things made by the little Chinese kids and they’re realizing the quality is sh*t!

  2. I’ve always thought quality was important — food, clothings, household appliances, etc. Now, at the same time I’m trying to figure out how to save money (Jenn’s university costs), I’m finding out China is producing good for kids to use with lead in them, toothpaste that is poisenous, etc. I’m going back to doing without if I can’t afford quality.

  3. China is producing a lot of what you may think is quality merchandise also. It’s not just the inexpensive things. Most brands with high price tags are producing in China. They have entire cities that make only one product for the global economy. Almost everything with a logo or brand name comes from China.
    Allegra can tell you all about parts in the machines her company manufactures.
    LaZBoy was bringing mouldy leather from China to its only remaining Canadian manufactury before it was shut down and the whole kit and caboodle shipped off to China.
    The thing that always amazes me about the global economy is that apparently gas is cheap, because you can get things from half way around the world less expensively than from next door. It’s not just labour that makes things from China cheap, there is a smoke and mirrors equation happening here. All the high priced jobs in the corporations are in first world countries…you know, all the people who don’t want to get dirty when they work?

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